What do grossly inconspicuous suprahyoids mean?

Function-oriented speech therapy

“... gives a very good insight into the nature and possibilities of today's speech therapy / speech and speech therapy using the example of function-oriented speech therapy and the state of development of MFT. ... an important basis for the development of a uniform professional profile for therapists with speech, speech, voice and swallowing disorders ... In this respect, the book is suitable for all relevant therapists, including colleagues from all areas of speech science, as well as all doctors and dentists involved and orthodontists. " (Dr. Volkmar Clausnitzer, in: sprach, issue 68, 2019)

“... educational films for students and parents, handouts for the individual stimulations or worksheets for learners. ... here is a recommended and well-founded compendium for therapists who are interested in the holistic connections to the treatment of orofacial disorders ... ”(Norbert Niers, in: Forum Logopädie, vol. 33, issue 3, May 2019)

“... It is the guideline for a function-oriented procedure in which the person to be treated is actually the focus. The necessary knowledge for speech therapists for diagnostics and therapy is presented from medically and therapeutically related professional fields. ... The book is aimed at speech therapists, myofunctional therapists, physiotherapists and a wide range of doctors. " (Sibylle Wyss-Oeri, in: DLV Aktuell, Issue 2, 2019)