Like boys ripped jeans

A recent study by the dating platform Zoosk has found which clothes guys don't like on us at all. The study has sometimes shown that profiles with the words “fashion” and “fashion” receive an average of 135% more messages and date invitations than girls who are not so concerned with fashion. So fashion is important to boys! But now come the clothes that they don't like at all:

1. Wrinkled and unironed clothing (60%)

Okay, that's clear. We very seldom leave the house with a wrinkled blouse! But what about them? Don't they care what they look like? When mom hasn't just ironed the shirt, they usually just put it on ...

2. Socks in the sandals (55%)

Where did you see that? When we're not walking the dog in the village or taking out the rubbish, we rarely wear sandals with socks. Understandable!

3. Crocs (53%)

This trend is long gone and only applies to doctors and nurses. You don't even see Crocs on the streets anymore, let alone at school. Or are we wrong?

4. Baggy jeans (50%)

Phew! We don't even have them in our closet anymore - unless we're gangster rappers. A trend that we can happily do without.

5.Granny panties (45%)

Ooooookay, we also find that rather unsexy about us. But the feel-good factor is just great! The high-cut versions made of fine rib are rarely found in our wardrobe anyway. But how about High waist bikini bottoms? We have more of a problem ...