How do you come to the conclusion

Let me finish with that in other languages:

EnglishGermanWiththis, letmeconclude.To letyoumein order toto theEnoughcome.Partial agreementAnd this brings us to the end.Andin order tocomeweto concludeto theEnoughcomeLetmethink.To letyoumethink.You'vegotmeblushing.youto letmeblush.I'mkeen to guess.To letyoumeguess.Letmeguess.To letyoumeguess.Shedrivesmecrazy.youdrivesmeto theMadness.Let'sputitthisway, ...To letyouitmesay / express: ...Letmegetthis straight.To letyoumeclarify that.Let'sputitthisway, ...To letYoumesay / express: ...Dropmeatthecorner.To letyoumeother corner.Letmebefrank.To letyoumeto be completely open.Just in time for the fireworks.youcomejust in timeto theFireworks.Letmeputitthisway: ...To letyouitmeto say: ...Dropmeatthecorner.To letyoumeget off at the other corner.InViennayoufirst've to die, beforetheycelebrateyou.Butthenyou'relivinglong.In Vienna must diein order toyoucelebrate yourselfto letBut then live for a long time.That road will lead you back to the station.On this streetcomeyouto theTrain station back.Knockitoff!Enoughin order to!Noneofthat!Enoughin order to!That'stheendofit!Enoughin order to!Let'sputitthisway, ...To letyoumeesso say / express: ... / Sodthisforagameofsoldiers!Enoughin order to,I give up!I'm not going to the party full stop.I'm not going to the party andin order toEnough.ButHehasmademeabywordofthepeople, And I amoneatwhommenspit.He hasmeto theProverb made among the people, and I have to spit my faceto let.  / to arriveataconclusionto aEnoughcometo come to aconclusionto aEnoughcometo leap to aconclusionquick to oneEnoughcometo come to theconclusionthat ...moreoverEnoughcome, concludethat ...moreoverEnoughcome,that...attheendto theEnougheventuallyto theEnoughfinallyto theEnoughintheendto theEnoughuntiltheendtoto theEnoughto stay to the endtoto theEnoughstayheconcludedbysayingto theEnoughstill saidTheBucketListThat comes upto theEnoughThesefactsleadus to theconclusionthat ...These factsto lettheEnoughto that savethebestforlastthe best untilto theEnoughcancelConfoundit!To thedevilin order to!to savesth.untillastyourselfDatesth. to (whole)to theEnoughcancelIt'snotworthatinker'sdamn!In order toyou can bury yourselfto let!Youmayreckonthat ...youallowed toin order toreckon that ...Youmayrestassuredthat ...youallowed toin order toreckon that ...They'retakingtheirtimeeaboutit.youdo not hurryin order to.Whatdoyoumeanbythis?What willyouin order tosay?Am I to understandthat ...?Wantyouin order tosay, that... ? That brings me to mynextpoint.In order toI cometo thenext point.Areyousaying ...?Wantyouin order tosay,... ?