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Execution of helpful behavior

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Altruistic attitudes and altruistic behavior are two different things. The influence of social desirability on statements about helpful behavior means that personality or. Attitude measures for altruism are not always valid behavioral indicators. Therefore, the numerous attempts to determine scales for recording individual differences in altruistic personality factors are no substitute for empirical studies in which concrete forms of assistance are recorded.

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  1. The authors mentioned prefer to attribute the effect described to A's commitment or to an increase in responsibility. Both explanations can be traced back to the concept of minimal coordination.Google Scholar
  2. Helm, Bonoma & Tedeschi, 1972; Nacci, Stapleton & Tedeschi, 1973; Staple-ton, Nacci & Tedeschi, 1973. Google Scholar
  3. An attribution-theoretical explanation is based on the fact that unexpected events are informative because they give rise to conclusions about the intentions of the actor (see section A corresponding conclusion leads to a changed assessment of the partner.Google Scholar

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