Dealing with funding

Financing: The right way to deal with investors for ... / 4 Conclusion

Michael Paul, J├Ârgen Erichsen

Controlling has also become indispensable for small and medium-sized companies, especially when lenders like the bank are at the table. The information policy of a company and of the entrepreneur has become one of the most important assessment criteria of the donors, exacerbated by the rating.

Less successful entrepreneurs keep trying to navigate their way through, only reacting and trying to keep everything a mystery to third parties and the bank. Trading is done from the gut, after all, it has worked for the last 20 years. Good entrepreneurs, on the other hand, use the knowledge! When the need for information on the part of the financier has become so important and the banker often has a problem with obtaining information, the optimal approach for good entrepreneurs is to act proactively and provide the necessary documents and information on their own. This leads to positive cooperation and makes it easier to borrow or extend loans, even in critical situations such as the current crisis.

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