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If the desire to have children does not come true right away, this phase can be a great burden for you as a couple. Both suffer from that constant alternation between hope and disappointment, the partnership can also depress this. It is not uncommon for great pressure to arise, which increases from month to month. Try together a balance to this stress to find. Because pressure makes conception even more difficult.

A loving approach to your body is an important basis. conversations, perhaps with their own mother or a close friend, women can take the burden off. It can also help men to interact with trusted friends. You will see: you are not the only couple who are waiting to become pregnant - every third couple waits longer than a year for pregnancy to occur.5 It can also help that you talk to your partner together Gynecologist to search. He or she can give valuable tips, carry out examinations and be at your side with advice.

Allow feelings of disappointment, anger, or sadness without suppressing them. Times will come again when hope will come back to life. It is not uncommon for pregnancy to occur exactly when the couple has accepted the situation.