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Company logos: do you know the hidden messages?

Have you ever thought about what the orange arrow in the Amazon logo means? No? Then you are like many others (including us :-)) Amazon has thought something. The arrow leads from "a" to "z". That means: We deliver everything, from A to Z - and also from A to Z. The arrow is therefore a subtle indication of the self-image of being able to deliver everything anywhere. The yellow arrow in the logo of the shipping giant can also be interpreted as a smile. © picture alliance / dpa

It is also worth taking a second look at the Toblerone logo. Can you see what's hiding in the Matterhorn? A bear! It is a reference to the city of Bern, where the chocolate manufacturer is based. © Mondelēz International

There is also a special meaning behind the logo and company name of Vaio, the former PC division of the electronics company Sony: The V and the A show a wave, i.e. an analog signal. The I and O stand for the binary code 1/0, i.e. the two numbers that make up computer language. © picture alliance / AP Photo

The name of the American telecommunications company Cisco is derived from the last two syllables of the city of San Francisco. The vertical lines above the company name are reminiscent of the Golden Gate Bridge. Cisco, which mainly manufactures routers and switches, was founded in the city in northern California. A small declaration of love to the company location? © picture alliance / dpa

There is also a symbol hidden in the logo of the American logistics company FedEx. If you look closely, you will see an arrow between the E and the X. It stands for speed and dynamism. © picture alliance / landov

Admittedly, the hidden symbol in the Tour de France logo is really hard to see at first glance. Take another close look at the "R" of Tour. Do you see the little cyclist now? By the way, the yellow circle on the right is the front wheel of the bike. © picture alliance / dpa

Just an elephant? A giraffe, a rhinoceros and Cologne Cathedral are also hidden in the logo of the Cologne Zoo. A small star flashes like an elephant's eye. © Cologne Zoo

The hidden message in the Continental logo is actually so obvious that you can never miss it again. The first two letters are reminiscent of a car tire. © Continental AG