The iPhone killed the BlackBerry

Smartphone explodes and kills man

Hans-Christian Dirscherl

A smartphone exploded while charging, killing its owner lying nearby.

EnlargeNazrin Hassan, CEO of the investment firm Cradle Fund.

Various media outlets from Malaysia report that an exploding smartphone killed a 45-year-old businessman in bed. The victim is therefore Nazrin Hassan, the CEO of the investment company Cradle Fund, which finances startups. The company has now confirmed the death of its CEO on Facebook.

According to media reports, Nazrin Hassan's brother-in-law described the fatal accident as follows: The businessman charged his smartphone and while it was charging, either placed it next to or even on his bed, where he was lying or even sleeping. The smartphone was located near Nazrin Hassan's head. Suddenly the smartphone exploded and splinters injured the businessman so badly in the back of the head that he presumably died from it. The explosion also ignited the mattress, which resulted in a significant amount of smoke. According to the police, the man could also have died of smoke inhalation caused by the smoke. His body was also burned.

According to the brother-in-law, Nazrin Hassan owned a Blackberry and a Huawei smartphone. Which of the two devices exploded, killing the man, is currently unknown. Presumably, this question can no longer be clarified because both smartphones were badly damaged by the fire.

Important:Ideally, do not charge mobile devices at night or unsupervised. Place the smartphone or tablet on a non-flammable surface during the charging process and do not cover the device under any circumstances so that the heat generated can escape.

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