What are your favorite chord settings

How to put chords (POP-EDM) under a certain main vocal melody (based on a good knowledge of music theory)

Areel Xocha

I assume that you composed your melodies according to the wise advice: important notes go best with important beats. So you probably don't have notes for the first or third beat, or the first note in a pair of quavers, unless you have compelling reason. Your chords will likely change on the important beats too. Note that heavy syncopation can be a good reason to shift your chords.

For the sake of elegance, try to at least keep the note from chord to chord and / or move one or more voices gradually between chords. You can do this by trying different inversions, adding or removing notes from chords, or replacing chords according to the following rule: If two chords have at least two notes in common, you can probably replace one with the other. Only replacing major with relative minor and vice versa can double your chord selection.

Here are some principles to play around with:

Melody note repeatedly changing chord change bass note. Melody note repeat-change chord-repeat bass note. Change melody notes-hold chord-change bass note. Change melody notes-change chord-hold bass note. etc. mix parallel, opposite and oblique harmony.

Add a pattern to the chord pattern. Steely Dan's Peg is a good example. For a basic blues progression they use IV-I from chord I, but it's also worth trying step by step, then IV-I from chord IV, then IV-I from chord V. Adding / suspending a 2 and that Slash chording.

Marshal Craft

First, you can just take the lead notes and play the chords with the lead as the root. Then you can even leave out the root note. If the lead uses a lot of notes, you can leave some out. Some sound more important than others. Basically you're lazy like oh these notes are two quick to play so you don't play them. Finally, you can try different voicings and even some chord settings, especially if it's parts where the lead is doing nothing.

Really, you could just play 3 chords for the key it's in. This is the main thing that you stay in the same key for key changes.