Radiohead is bigger than the Beatles

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  • Whether with Franky or Thommy: For many celebrity guests it was said “Wetten Dass ...?”: Sit out!

    🌇 “Wetten Dass ..?”: Embarrassed faces since 1981 - picture gallery and more Thomas Gottschalk

  • About astonishing announcements on the radio, the ostentatious flair of German district festivals and a nose fl uteist from Ichendorf

    Eric Pfeil's Pop Diary: Reggae from Münster and more Eric Pfeil

  • Thinking about the carnival, an autograph by Bläck Fööss in a car dealership and beatings by juvenile Kiss fans for AC / DC supportersJan 2021

    Eric Pfeil's Pop Diary: Bigger Than The Beatles and More Eric Pfeil

  • Pop music Germany is a village: About the edifying conversations in the podcast “Reflektor” by Tocotronic bassist Jan Müller.Dec 2020

    Eric Pfeil's Pop Diary: Musician, Fan, Researcher, and More Radiohead

  • An evening with friends: reflecting on rock star autobiographies and a single by Enrico Simonetti from the 1970sNov 2020

    Eric Pfeil's Pop Diary: Bruce, the Rascal and More AC / DC

  • Is Juliane Werding's “Voices in the Wind” the best song of all time? Reflections on irreconcilable theses under the influence of alcohol.Oct 2020

    Eric Pfeil's Pop Diary: Whores, Hypocrites, Saints and More Eric Pfeil's Pop Diary

  • Explorations in the Oldenburger Münsterland and in Osnabrück feat. a gig in Munich, Rosanne Cash and Phantom Payn.Sep 2020

    Eric Pfeil's Pop Diary: It's just noise and more Eric Pfeil's Pop Diary

  • In search of the summer hit of the crisis year 2020: A look at the astonishing list of suggestions made by the “FAZ” readership.Aug 2020

    Eric Pfeil's Pop Diary: No tear is free

  • Memories of the pop no man's land of 2000, “Teenage Dirtbag” by Wheatus and an award ceremony with Nelly Furtado and Missy ElliottJul 2020

    Eric Pfeil's Pop Diary: The Beginning of the End and More Eric Pfeil

  • A little homage to Ringo Starr, the always underrated drummer, singer, songwriter and bon vivant who is now 80Jul 2020

    Eric Pfeil's Pop Diary: Ringo, my favorite Beatle

  • Popular singer-songwriter Bob Dylan will release a new record on Friday. Only: What should you hang up until then? There is so little. But your reliable chronicler has advice: Indie records from the so-called 80s that have not been heard for a long time are still the thing of the season! There's still a fire under the rheumatism blanket ... read more in:Jun 2020

    Eric Pfeil's Pop Diary: Listened to 80s indie records for young lovers

  • Looking into the past is a trap: memories of the pop year 1995, of Britpop, Scatman John - and a hit by Robson & JeromeMay 2020

    Eric Pfeil's Pop Diary: No cause for goodness

  • Our columnist digs through indie records from the 80s and early 90s that have not been heard for a long time.May 2020

    Eric Pfeil's Pop Diary: Extreme hairstyles and goatees - US indie stuff that has been heard again

  • Working in times of isolation at home: How the apartment and record collection are re-measured - and what that could meanApr 2020

    Eric Pfeil's Pop Diary: Three rooms, three turntables

  • A crisis is always also a crisis. But these days one is also often confronted with the realization that humans are a species that is as lovable as it is quirky. And the only one who makes music.Apr 2020

    Eric Pfeil's Pop Diary: Streams from Versailles

  • You already know: blablabla, sitting around at home, listening to music and so on. Raise the curtain for four more favorite albums that have not been heard for a long time, this time from the section “American 80s indie with a traditional list”!Apr 2020

    Eric Pfeil's Pop Diary: Favorite Albums from 1001 Nights, Vol. II

  • Incidental discoveries on a tour: The fine art of nose flute playing and an improv rock band called SchattenwurstApr 2020

    Eric Pfeil's Pop Diary: Mysteries of Everyday Life

  • What to do if all the old music didn't hear the shot and even the most recent releases seem nostalgic in the face of the crisis?March 2020

    Eric Pfeil's Pop Diary: Doom in the Lemon Tree and More Eric Pfeil

  • So the Italians sing from the balcony. Of course they do. It is the obvious behavior of a people that defines itself clearly through the regional and the local Campanile, but nationwide through the songs of Lucio Battisti, Rino Gaetano, Mina, Gino Paoli, Luigi Tenco, Adriano Celentano, Lucio Dalla, Antonello Venditti, ... read more in:March 2020

    Eric Pfeil's Pop Diary: The greatest spectacle after the big bang

  • My message these days is as simple as my taste: Whether it's Eddy Grant, Nasen-Rock, Jovanotti or AA Bondy - the music helps. I don’t want to dance? Yes, I want to dance. But until further notice a casa.March 2020

    Eric Pfeil's Pop Diary: Homedancing in the Dark

  • A visit to the exhibition “The Look Of Sound” with Norman Seeff's photos of musicians and Hollywood stars in the 1970s.March 2020

    Eric Pfeil's Pop Diary: The Wind of the Paper Board and More Eric Pfeil's Pop Diary