Which is better city or suburban living

Ten at ten | Ten reasons to
to live in the country

1Nature beckons and the walk begins right on the doorstepAlways something happening. Opera, theater, cinema - city dwellers have culture right under their noses2Hardly any traffic: you can relax wonderfully in idyllic silence"I'll get another milk quickly ..." no problem in town3Tomatoes and cucumbers from your own cultivation taste bestIn the event of an emergency, doctors, fire brigade or police are on site just minutes later4Forest and meadow all around - you can see that in the fresh, clean country airIf you don't have time to cook, go to the local restaurant around the corner5Dogs and cats: animals can be kept in a species-appropriate manner in the country - with plenty of exerciseMosquitoes and spiders - you are largely spared these "monsters"6Celebrate parties: In your own house, no neighbor complains about disturbance of the peaceGasoline, insurance, tax? In the city, a car is not absolutely necessary thanks to buses and trains7Barn, forest and small streams: childhood in the country means adventureThe city as a metropolitan area: friends are only a stone's throw away8Everyone knows everyone - neighborhood help is still very important hereCut the hedge, shovel snow ... The caretaker takes care of it in town9Nowhere is star gazing so good - thanks to fewer artificial light sourcesShoes, clothes, accessories ... The variety of offers in the city is unbeatable10Car insurance or rental: in many cases it is cheaper to liveSurfing and telephoning: Dead spots are extremely rare in the city