How do I choose a paddle board


In the SUP jungle it is not easy to get an overview of the different board types and ultimately to choose the right board. Each board has its strengths and is more suitable than the other for a particular activity.

MINT LAMA offers different SUPs for different riders and budgets:

The BLACK LAMA all-rounder line:

  • BLACK LAMA Alpaca 11'0 "
  • BLACK LAMA Origin 10'0 "

The MINT LAMA single layer with reinforcement tape:

  • MINT LAMA Family 10'6 "
  • MINT LAMA Adventourer 11'6 "

The high-quality MINT LAMA SUP with MSL construction:

  • MINT LAMA SUPreme 11'0 "
  • MINT LAMA Racer 12'6 "

Lots of volume offers lots of buoyancy - length runs

The thicker and wider a board, the more stable and calm it is in the water, the easier it is to stand on it and keep your balance. The longer a board, the better you get on. This is particularly interesting for those who like to be more sporty on the road or who want to take a route.

You have to be clear about what and where the Stand Up Paddle Board is used. There are SUP boards that are safe for several areas of use. But fundamentally, a board that is made to drive a race as quickly as possible, for example when surfing in waves, can never achieve the same performance as a board specially developed for it. If you know for what purpose the board is used, now it's about your own weight and ability.

Read more about every single Stand Up Paddle under the product description!

What should you watch out for in stand up paddling?

  • A stand up paddle board (SUP) is legally considered a rowing boat. More precisely as a paddle boat, a sub-group of row boats.
  • The following sequence applies to the right of way: scheduled boats, cargo ships, professional fishermen, sailing ships, rowing boats (including SUP), other motor boats, windsurfers and kite surfers.
  • Anyone with the SUP more than 300 meters goes out to sea or on a river, must have a life jacket have along. Wearing these is not mandatory, but recommended.
  • SUP do not have to have a registration number (ship number). But they must be clearly visible Bear the name and address of the owner.
  • At night and with poor visibility, SUP must be illuminated with a clearly visible white all-round light.

We wish you a lot of fun and a nice summer!