How was that UFO


On October 5th, 2016 the YouTuberDner, Izzi, Paluten, Rewinside and Sturmwaffel announced that they have an office in Cologne where they can realize projects for their channels in the future. The five call themselves the "CREADERS"- composed of the word Invader (German intruder) and Creator (German creator / originator). They came up with the name through the word Invader UFO for the office. This is also an abbreviation for "Ultra /Uur fettes Office "[1][2]

According to their announcement videos, the YouTubers already had the idea for the shared office during their “North Trip”.[2][3]

Together they also have a YouTube channel called "CREADERS". You can find out more about this in the CREADERS article.

The UFO has now been disbanded and the YouTube channel CREADERS is inactive.

The office [edit | Edit source]

In the office, each of the five YouTubers has their own room that they can freely design. There is also a common room, which is equipped with a couch and a large table, among other things.[1]

Unlike Dner, Izzi, Sturmwaffel and Rewinside, Paluten says he wants to use the office mainly to produce more real-life videos and VR videos. So he wants to continue producing his videos mainly at home. For this reason, he also has the smallest room of the five in the UFO.[4]

Reasons [edit | Edit source]

The main reason for the establishment of the office is that the YouTubers want to have more separation between private life and YouTube.[5]

Furthermore, the office should offer more opportunities for cooperation and facilitate the implementation of these. In addition to the emergence of new formats, there are also plans to revive old formats such as Ramble.[1][5]

Another advantage is the enormous space that the Creaders only have to produce their videos.

The office also enables YouTubers to purchase things such as VR glasses or game consoles together, as these are often not needed all the time and the costs can be divided up in this way.[5]

Sturmwaffel is also planning to improve the quality of his videos in the future and also to change a lot in his real life.[2]

UFO events [edit | Edit source]

("Moving in" means completing the recording setup and starting work in the UFO)

date event
3rd October 2016 Handing over the keys
5th October 2016 Public announcement on the channels of the Creaders
20.-25. October 2016 Rewi and Sturmwaffel move into their rooms
Christmas 2016 Entry of Izzi
7th February 2017 Entry of Dner
March-October 2017 Philipp Dorset's workplace (in Felix's room)
4th-18th August 2017 Ball pit in Paluten's room
since August 2017 Workplace of Leon Jacobus (in Felix's room)
since September 2017 Tomary's workplace (in Rewi's room)
since December 2017 Paul Sydow's workplace (in Felix's room)
since the end of December 2017 Ilja Minke's workplace (in Sturmwaffel's room)
December 30, 2017 Large 24-hour charity stream from Rewi in the UFO
20th March 2018

Felix has moved out of the office to his own office.

June 10, 2018 Rewinside announced extract from the UFO.
June 12, 2018 Sturmwaffel announced extract from the UFO.
June 13, 2018 Izzi announced moving out and separation from the UFO.

Individual evidence [edit | Edit source]

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