What mammals are species

104 species of mammals

In order to be able to better protect nature, the "Federal Agency for Nature Conservation" has published the "Data on Nature" with interesting figures for the seventh time.

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There are approximately 5500 different species of mammals in the world. But how many exactly are there in Germany? The Federal Agency for Nature Conservation has investigated this. There are 328 species of birds and 104 species of mammals in Germany.

In order to be able to better protect nature, it is necessary to find out how animals and plants are doing. Then it becomes clear where help is needed. People who have anything to do with it or are interested in it can read the current figures in a thick notebook. It is called "Daten zur Natur", has 162 pages and, with many graphics and tables, is mainly suitable for experts.


There are still around 48,000 wild animal species in Germany. Which animals are threatened and what is being done about it?

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