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Windows 10: What can the new Maps app do?

Peter-Uwe Lechner

Atlas, route planner and source of information - Microsoft combines all of these functions in the Windows 10 map app. An overview.

EnlargeWindows 10: Get there quickly with the Maps app

After starting the program for the first time, the Windows 10 Maps app asks you whether it can query your whereabouts. This only works reliably with Windows Phones or Surface tablets with a built-in GPS sensor. With conventional PCs and notebooks, the approximate location is determined using the IP address of your Internet connection based on the nearest network node. For example, if you live in Upper Bavaria, without a GPS system, there is a high probability that the city center of Munich will be selected as the location. To adjust your location manually, drag the black-framed diamond over your actual location while holding down the mouse button. To get to the exact location, zoom in on the relevant map section using a gesture, scroll wheel or the plus button on the right-hand side of the screen. The corresponding address then appears at the tip of the teardrop-shaped placemark indicator.

All Windows 10 versions in comparison

EnlargeThe Windows 10 Maps app has different views to choose from.

Map type and views

The toolbar on the left takes you to the settings and views. A click on the symbol with the three horizontal lines opens a wider bar with additional labeling of the individual icons. If the map display is too schematic for you, you can also switch to the attractive aerial view. To do this, click on the symbol on the card that shows a deck of cards. Depending on the resolution of the existing map material, you can zoom in very closely in this mode and discover interesting details. There is also the menu item “Explore in 3D” in the left bar. After a search query, additional information can be provided for the hit. To do this, click on “Wikipedia” - this opens the Internet browser.

EnlargeImportant or useful places can be searched for directly in the map app.

Searches for places of interest

To find your way around a foreign city well and safely, you can use the route planner and track down sights, restaurants and hotels, for example. If you click on the "Search" symbol in the left toolbar, the location currently shown in the map view is automatically adopted as the target area of ​​the search query. A click on the text link "Restaurant" then shows the locations of all restaurants in the area, marked by colored circles on the map. You can obtain further information such as addresses and ratings (if available) by clicking on the respective list entry with the name of the restaurant.

EnlargeRoute planning is also possible in Windows 10.

Plan routes

You have decided on an excursion and would like to have the route calculated from your location to the chosen destination. Nothing easier than that - just click on the hotel and then on "Directions". Your location is automatically entered in the "A" (start) input field, while the previously selected hotel appears in the "B" (destination) field. All that remains is to click on the arrow in the destination field on the far right and the map app will calculate the route.

Tip: Of course, you can also freely enter the start and destination, i.e. independent of location and placemarks.

Windows 10 Special: All information

The map is automatically zoomed to a scale that shows both the place of departure and the destination. The route is represented by a blue line, with important instructions marked with numbers. If you click on such a number field, the corresponding message is highlighted in the driving instructions on the left-hand side of the screen and the map section is enlarged accordingly.

Now also with offline maps

A new feature of the Windows 10 map app is the ability to download the map material and use it offline - as is already the case with Windows Phone. This has the additional advantage that the map app works faster and the views for offline maps are more fluid. However, Microsoft has not packed the corresponding function for loading the maps into the app itself, but rather hidden it in the settings, which you open with the Windows-I shortcut. The download function is available under “Maps”. Here you select the 12 packages offered individually for Germany, for example.