How do I organize my party decorations

Planning a birthday party made easy!

The time has come - a big birthday party is coming up and you are the organizer. Puhhh ... you think what a hassle. But with our tips, planning the birthday party will be easy for you!

The event location for your birthday party

The date has already been set and now it's about the right location. Where should the family celebration take place?

For casual occasions, it doesn't always have to be a rented location, but you can also host the party in your garden or apartment, provided the number of guests allows it. If you still want to rent a location, we recommend a location with a relaxed atmosphere such as a Party room, a Club / bar or a restaurant.
Think in advance what you want to spend on the location and make sure that all guests find space and that there is still enough space for a dance floor, the gastronomic services and the supporting program.

The food and the drinks

In contrast to large, splendid wedding locations, smaller, more relaxed locations usually allow you to take care of the food and drinks on your own. Discuss your concerns with the location and inquire about any cork or plate money that may be incurred.
If you don't want to do the food entirely by yourself, you can also ask a butcher or party service you trust whether they can provide a little catering for you. Caterer and party services You can also easily discover your region in our business directory.

When choosing food and drinks, you should take into account the needs of your guests who, for example, have allergies or are vegan.

Entertainment at your birthday party

For casual occasions, such as a birthday party, most event planners do without professional support from a DJ or a live band and ensure a good atmosphere themselves. All you need is a music system and a playlist with all of your favorite songs to create the right atmosphere. If the party should be accompanied professionally, we have a large selection for youDJs and Musicians in our business directory. Just have a look there!
In addition to the music, little games and surprises always add to the amusement of your guests.

Decoration for your birthday party

With the decoration you can really let off steam again!

No matter whether you give your celebration a real motto or simply decorate and design your terrace or location with beautiful accessories. But what should not be missing at any family celebration are balloons - the classic party decoration! In the online shop You will find great and unusual balloons that will be the absolute eye-catcher of your party. In addition to balloons, streamers and confetti are particularly popular, but keep in mind that someone has to clean everything up after the party. 😉

There are no limits to the imagination when designing a celebration. However, there is one thing you should definitely avoid: Not to forget your own wishes out of sheer enthusiasm for the organization!

We wish you a lot of fun planning your party!

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