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Big class reunion of the generations

In Naruto - Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations you can experience the story from three perspectives. More precisely through the eyes of little Naruto, those of the older Naruto from Shippuden and the Sasukes.

Naruto and Sasuke don’t give each other anything in a fight.

While little Naruto is in the process of beautifying the mountain of the Hokage again at the beginning, his older version with old master Jiraiya has just returned from his training. If you start with Sasuke, you will face Naruto, Sakura and Sai in battle.

A special feast for the eyes are undoubtedly the jutsus, special abilities of the characters. Here the developers stick exactly to the template. Accordingly, you will recognize many special attacks and fighting styles of your favorites.

Besides enemies, Sakura also takes apart the floor.

Whether Naruto attacks an opponent with his 1000 shadow doubles, Sasuke torches everything with the jutsu of the flaming fireball or Kakashi pierces an opponent with his lightning attack Chidori: Those who know all jutsus like the back of their hand are happy about the successful implementation.

The slightly different fighting game

Naruto Shippuden - Ultimate Ninja Impact tells the story of Shippuden, albeit greatly shortened. Instead of scenes from the anime, you only get to see still images and texts. On the world map you shimmy from mission to mission. There are two types of tasks: fights or conversations. Conversations are primarily about moving the story forward. If you have finished the dialogue, the mission is considered complete.

At first only Naruto is available to you. The selection of fighters grows with the completed missions. In addition, characters and their skills will increase if you diligently send them into battle. Status values ​​such as luck, endurance or regeneration can be further improved in the form of cards. You can attach up to four such cards to each ninja in the character menu.

Naruto Shippuden - Ultimate Ninja Impact could also be called Attack of the Clone Warriors, because the enemy hordes all look the same, are mostly nameless and like to storm towards you in packs of hundreds. Regardless of whether you are just facing an enemy or simply dashing blindly into the swarm, you will definitely meet someone. The enemy whipping boys are not particularly bright either. Boss fights are more difficult, which gives the game the necessary balance.


  • Naruto is slowly growing into the role of the hero
  • Friendship and goals as central themes of the series
  • lots of characters with leading roles
  • Manga available in Germany since 2002
  • 59 volumes have been published in this country to date
  • over 100 million manga sold
  • Anime will be broadcast on RTL 2 for the first time in 2006
  • Depictions of violence in this country greatly weakened
  • almost 60 game adaptations
  • 10 million games sold worldwide

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