How do you prepare for HSC

Waldkraiburg - She prevailed among the eight candidates and was chosen as a young star by the audience and the expert jury: Linda Orlando. The 17-year-old with the red angel curls impressed with her voice that gives goose bumps.

The Waldkraiburger Nachrichten had the opportunity to speak to her backstage shortly after her victory.

∗ Congratulations on your victory. How are you feeling right now?

It's madness. I am completely happy and I still can't believe that I won. When I heard the rest of the candidates, I couldn't really judge my chances at all.

∗ How did you prepare for the casting show?

I practiced every day and kept telling myself, "You can do it." I also downloaded the song to my cell phone so that I could listen to it at every opportunity.

∗ On May 2nd you will be on stage at the Tina Turner musical "Queen of Rock" and you will even be allowed to sing a solo number. How do you prepare for it?

Now I first have to rehearse the solo song and then we meet for two days in Munich with the rest of the ensemble members, where our performance is rehearsed.

∗ Can you imagine a career as a singer?

I am currently doing the social care school and would like to work in the hospital afterwards. I want to improve myself with my singing before I can imagine something like that. I would also like to take singing lessons.

∗ What will your next step look like?

Now the victory is celebrated properly.

Interview: Harald Schwarz