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The Germans take themselves for their food not always the time, in one Restaurant at a table with a knife and fork to eat. Often they are just looking for one quick court, the tastes delicious, saturates and doesn't take much time takes. Snacks are therefore in Germany very popular and there are now an awful lot of different takeaways in German cities. The most popular snacks in Germany are among others Sausages, Currywurst, French fries, Doner kebab and Burger.

Lots of choice of food stalls

In every German city, even in the smallest villages, they stand: food stalls lure you too quickly prepared goodies, the not always healthy are but fill up quickly and taste good. The snack culture is on the one hand of traditional German snack foods how Sausages and grilled chicken certainly. There are many food stalls Currywurst, Bratwurst in a bun, French fries with ketchup or sauce and often too grilled chicken. In the past few decades, the takeaway landscape has changed so that now too Doner kebab, Falaffle sandwiches and American-style burger are very popular snacks in Germany.

Also Pizza corners and small pasta dishes to eat on the go, enjoy great popularity. In addition to the traditional snack bars, the snack chains have conquered the market in Germany. MC Donalds, Burger King, Subway and Kentucky Fried Chicken or Pizza Hut are not only fast food restaurants, but also snack bars where you can get one Take away meal can buy. French fries with ketchup, burgers or chicken nuggets are just as popular as snacks for in between meals traditional currywurst or Bratwurst in a bunthat have always existed in Germany.

Where are the best snacks?

Always popular Sausages. This is what the owners of the Frankfurt snack bar "best thing in town"understood and they offer many various sausage dishes from currywurst to bratwurst in all possible variations. For about three to eight euros you can in the meanwhile eleven branches of "best Worscht in Town" get full in Frankfurt and the surrounding area. Berlin is known for its curry sausages. The German cities are still arguing among themselves about who will ultimately Invented currywurst Has. What is certain is that it is in Berlin very many there. (There is even a currywurst museum). For example, it is known and popular Konnopke's snack on Schönhauser Allee. This long-established snack bar has been active since 1930 and has of course changed a little since then. Here you get delicious currywurst based on a traditional Berlin recipe. Also Bratwurst with mustard or Wiener sausages with potato salad are on the menu. For four to nine euros you can get full here. Through the television series "Dittsche" is the Eppendorfer Grill Station in Hamburg got famous. More and more tourists come to places where Oliver Dittrich was served in his improvised television series, and they too want them here real Hamburg home cooking enjoy. It will Knuckles with fried potatoes, Currywurst with french fries, well flavored Gyros dishes, meatballs with sauce and grilled chicken Served, everything according to traditional recipes "like Mutti".

Unusual snacks - something different

In Leipzig there is the snack "Butchery". It is a famous food standon which one vegetarian and vegan snacks can buy. The owners of this alternative booth name their creations Curry sausage or Vöner and offer exclusively meat-free specialties that taste really delicious. The dishes taste here between five and ten euros, depending on what you choose. In Berlin is Mustafa's vegetable kebab in the Kreuzberg district become a real tourist attraction. The steep ascent of this kebab shop to a cult eatery where you can often has to stand in line, is primarily thanks to the citizens of Kreuzberg, who like to try something unusual. Visitors from all over the world quickly got the hang of it and Mustafa's vegetable kebab is a star become.

Here there are Flatbread with grilled or fresh vegetables, to homemade sauce. Feta cheese, fresh herbs and garlic make the vegetable kebab a taste experience that many visitors enjoy in line for up to an hour waiting. The prices are moderate and you can a small doner kebab from 2.40 euros to get. There is one on Fehmarn old and interesting Snack that "the Aalkate"is called. For over 30 years there has been an old farmhouse in the traditional fish smoker prepared. There is not only eel, but also salmon, mackerel and sardine. The dishes are for a bite to eat not exactly cheap. For a smoked one Eel in a roll you have to pay 6.50 euros pay, but many visitors are enthusiastic about the smoked fish specialties that this cult snack bar offers here.



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