Which apps offer freelance jobs

Job apps: When the new job reports by itself

Push notification instead of laborious research: a third of employees have already looked for jobs on their smartphones, according to the portal karriere.at. What the mobile job search on the smartphone offers and what it is suitable for. A check of selected apps.

The smartphone as a digital universal tool is increasingly used for job searches. But it is not only the unemployed who have a finger on the touchscreen. Job agency karriere.at has also extrapolated four out of ten employees who are flirting with a change. What do job apps do in terms of ease of use, functions and offers?

There are pure search engines that scour job networks and simply list advertisements, but there are also declared intermediaries. Unfortunately, one phenomenon was repeatedly observed in the check: advertisements are priced as current or new in the apps, and - as samples in HR departments showed - they are nowhere near as current as they appear.

Before sending the application, an up-to-dateness check should therefore be made on the company's website. What is actually still vacant? Many jobs had been advertised weeks ago and had long been filled.

Due to the massive online distribution of advertisements (some you come across again and again in the different apps), companies now receive significantly more applicants than in the past - and HR specialists report that more and more applicants from Eastern Europe are reporting. The job search via app works across Europe and globally.

The AMS job app, which is regularly used by 86,000 Austrians, was a positive surprise in the comparison check. The databases are updated daily and offer more than you would expect. AMS board member Johannes Kopf is pleased with the result: "Almost 40 percent of all vacancies that exist are reported to us. And we actively acquire jobs from the companies. We see that the app is also used by job changers."

The only downer for Johannes Kopf: The proportion of highly qualified jobs is still in the single-digit percentage range. "We have been researching for several years to make online brokerage better and more intelligent," he says, "there will be a new platform for this in 2016."

12 smartphone apps for job search

AMS - The compulsory app

The app is tidy and very functional: research is possible here without registration and with a full-text search (product or company). Memory function for jobs and search chronology is available. There are filter options and "push", ie an alarm when something suitable comes up. Jobs: By far the largest offer. Unfortunately, there are not many highly qualified jobs yet.

Experteer - high promises

Here top earners (from 60,000 euros and up) can present themselves or their CV to a headhunter network. Jobs: Jobs in German-speaking countries that do not appear in job exchanges (headhunters) are promised. An insight into what is really vacant in which industries is hardly possible from the user's point of view.

Freelancer - project broker

No market for traditional employment relationships. Project work is conveyed here: clients and contractors meet here. Jobs: Very many from the technology-internet area (websites etc.), but not only. Most jobs don't have large project sums. Depending on the order value and urgency, commissions are incurred.

Indeed - International Search Engine

It couldn't be more Spartan: two input windows on a white background. What makes the US search engine so appealing is the country-by-country search - from Brazil to China. Jobs: Everything is included here that the software finds on the Internet: from dishwasher to managing director.

Job Standard - Okay, but ...

The job market is an asset of the daily newspaper, in print and online: the app disappoints. The editorial part seems unsupervised (old articles), and under "News" you can find current politics. The search function is okay and possible without registration. Filtering is possible, there is no alarm. Jobs: Good local cross-section for all industries.

Job goods - students & Co.

Reduced in appearance and functionality. What is interesting for Jobware is the filter option based on professional experience (entry, multi-year, long-term, etc.). Jobware also lists student jobs, where you can filter by field of study. Jobs: From internships to senior positions, all industries.

karriere.at - local hero

The app is extremely reduced, almost old-fashioned. The functions are manageable: search function (for jobs or companies), alarm and marking functions are available and - the good thing - can be used directly without registration. Jobs: Extensive (over 10,000 jobs) and quite up-to-date.

Linkedin jobs - global network

The search in the network is sophisticated. You can either be suggested something based on your profile or put together the search criteria yourself and be alerted. Jobs: Depends on the personal network / industry. But there tend to be very high quality offers. You look openly or discreetly.

Monster - mediocre

The optics (color coding system) and user friendliness are very appealing. The search is possible without registration and works perfectly. Storage functions, search agents and the management of application files are only possible after registration. Jobs: The offer is neither quantitative nor qualitative. Not everything up to date, many personnel service providers, etc.

Stepstone - room for improvement

Functional and well-made app. You can search here and narrow down the region without registering. Nice: The alarm can be set to "immediately", "daily" or "twice daily". The advertisements can be sorted according to relevance and date. Jobs: Good cross-section, several high-quality advertisements included.

Willhaben - local strengths

Willhaben has an extremely high frequency and in addition to the traditional "marketplace" also job searches in the conventional app. Searching with certain filters is possible without registration. There is no alarm function. There would be more functional. Jobs: Relatively many jobs in Styria (Willhaben belongs to the Styria group).

XING job market - good in the D-A-CH region

In principle, the search is also possible without registration. If you want to use watch lists or search agents, you have to register. The filters are well made, where the classics (radius, career type and type of employment) also include attributes for the employer: input from Kununu is incorporated here. Jobs: Wide range - from internships to high-quality jobs.