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The time has finally come ... "To each his own", as the saying goes. Especially in view of personal taste and the individual impact, everyone who deals intensively with Black Metal has their own preferences that nobody can deny. But musical tolerance or not, I would like to finally review what has influenced me so strongly and formatively like hardly anything else. As mentioned, that would of course be "For All Tid", which alongside its successor "StormblÄst" has always enjoyed top status. It is all the worse and more regrettable, as an admirer of this work, to see how former heroes let themselves fall more and more consciously into the commercial world, but let's not stir up such insignificance for the hundredth time ...
Introduced by what ultimately defines this album, ergo unique melody, the beginning sounds seem like a chamber that has been prepared for the listener - provided with spikes and thorns, marked by melancholy pride and dreamy toxicity. Nobody should expect roaring aggressiveness here, "For All Tid" is anger and calm in one piece - something like the harmonious expression of hatred, which should actually contradict the directness of this feeling. Black Metal is not just noticeable anger and choleric. Because this debut is definitely not free of aggression. Only that there are faster passages that suitably thwart the prevailing, certainly above all dignified atmosphere, which some must first make itself interpretable before their genius can unfold, brutality is expressed in the effect of the whole, which is the hatred and creates despair on the basis of reflection and introversion. You can really find everything that taints the spirit somewhere in connection with things like thoughtfulness or simple melancholy, be it the riffs, the certainly marked keyboard game or the originally presented croak-chants.
But would the cleanest instrumentation still radiate genius without the sedentary compositional ability? And at this point it rumbles a lot, because Dimmu Borgir could simply write great music with this line-up. The audible expression on "For All Tid" ranges from the purest depression to a dreamy, infinite universe feeling to an inwardly angry aggressiveness that is ultimately lived out in the sawmills. Instrumentally, every option is accordingly exhausted to achieve the desired emotionality, be it through piano parts, strings or the aforementioned galaxy sounds. Each time an individual piece of music has been created for itself, which each has a very personal form of expression, but fortunately cannot break the underlying atmosphere of the album.
But what would this monument be without its subtleties? In previous reviews (for example "Born Of The Flickering" or "Seen Through The Veils Of Darkness (The Second Spell)") I not only discussed their own strengths, but also went into the sound and playing style of the instruments in particular. This is where the origin lies ... "For All Tid" is production-specific the foundation on which not only Dimmu Borgir at "StormblÄst" built and which almost caused a BM-internal trend, but a perfect structure, as it is utopian these days. This very special art of adding those almost gentle beats to instruments will be and remain a privilege of the early 90s. Fascination yes or no, for this special genre of black metal this album is a cornerstone and in the interest of those who are looking for the only true emotion of Norwegian-metallic manifestation, essential anyway.
I know that there are now noticeably few people who can still identify with this record this year, whether consciously or not, but one thing is certain for the Romantic Black Metal area ... And here it is the fact that Dimmu Borgir's "For All Tid" is not simple and therefore simply ingenious, but was groundbreaking for a genre that went from the very short flowering to annoying-illogical almost copies to horrific, even embarrassing sell-out, caused by completely wrong interpretation, that attitude to life "Black Metal", which could and can gain a foothold in melancholic-romantic emotional levels, knew how to 'socialize'.