How many NFL players do drugs

NFL Denies Cannabis Exemption

The National Football League - NFL has denied Mike James an exemption for using cannabis as a pain reliever, NBC Sports reports. According to CNN, James was the first active NFL player to file a therapeutic exemption for the use of cannabis. James played with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers since 2013. He is not currently under contract with any NFL team, but free players are still subject to the league's drug tests.

Mike James' ordeal

In 2013, James was prescribed opioid pain medication after injuring his left ankle in a football game. Within a few weeks he developed a dangerous addiction to the pills. His wife was seriously worried about him. To get rid of opioids, he used medical marijuana for pain.

Dr. Sue Sisley, board member of Doctors for Cannabis Regulation, helped James fill out the form after testing positive for cannabis under the league's drug testing protocol in October.

“Mike's case is a perfect example of why cannabis needs to be made available because he's really not a candidate for opioids. So this is a safe alternative for him, ”said Dr. Sisley to CNN.

Doctors are happy to prescribe a cocktail of opiates for pain

Dangerous concoctions of opiates are often prescribed to deal with player pain. A common practice among professional athletes for sports injuries. A 2011 study published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependency found that more than half - 52% of former NFL players had used opioids during their careers and 71% of those players reported having used opioids.

According to this study, the prevalence of current opioid use among these actors was 7%: about three times as common as in the general population. The study included 644 retired players who answered questions in a telephone survey about their opioid use. James never worried about developing an opioid addiction "because I got it from a doctor," he said.

Almost 90% of all NFL players use cannabis for pain relief

Estimates have been made of the percentage of NFL players who use marijuana, but recently retired player Martellus Bennett put the number quite high: "I want to say over 89%"said Bennett on a podcast.

Bennett stated that NFL players use cannabis for reasons other than getting high. Many are trying to use medical cannabis as an alternative to opioid pain relievers and other prescription drugs.

"There are times of the year when your body just aches," said Bennett. “You don't want to keep swallowing pills. There are anti-inflammatory drugs that you take until they start attacking your liver, kidneys and other things. "

NFL still views cannabis as a drug

Medical cannabis is already licensed in many states that host NFL teams, and an increasing number of states allow recreational cannabis use, including California and Colorado. Still, marijuana remains on the NFL's list of illegal substances.

Beyond pain management, proponents of cannabis use in the NFL suggest that the drug can be used to combat chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

A 2013 study at a Portuguese university found that cannabis helped regenerate brain cells in mice. A 2012 study by the Israeli University showed that low doses of cannabis can help recovery from brain injuries. A 2005 Canadian university study showed that cannabis can be used as an anti-anxiety treatment. CBD is even allowed for Olympic athletes. reported.

But all these results impress the NFL commissioners little.

"To date, they haven't said this is a change we believe is in the best interests of the health and safety of our players," said NFL commissioner Roger Goodell last year. "If you do that, we will certainly take that into account."

So what about free NFL player Mike James?

“I am confident that I can continue to play football. It's a game that I love very much. And I know that I'm doing something that makes a lot of people uncomfortable. Finally, I am going against the establishment to make a change in the way the NFL views cannabis as medicine. For me, this is about a higher goal for myself and many of the players I see as my family, ”James told NBC Sports.

The NFL did not comment on the rejection.



Note: In this article we report on prescription CBD or cannabidiol. This article makes no suggestion as to the possible purpose. Promises of use are left to the pharmacists.