Schools can search my kid's bag

Theft at school - elementary school students have to search each other's bags.

Dear questioner,

I would like to give you a binding answer to your request based on the information provided as follows:

I think I can reassure you that such measures are definitely illegal.

In detail:
Compliance with the school rules is subject to the school, which allows regulatory measures.

Educational means are educational influences. They are permissible if pupils interfere with the lesson or breach their duties in any other way.

Regulatory measures are permissible if pupils grossly violate their duties, in particular violate legal provisions, permanently disrupt lessons, refuse to perform the services they have requested or fail to attend lessons without excuse.

Regulatory measures are z. B. & lpar; in the following order of stages & rpar;:

- Exclusion from teaching in one or more subjects or in whole or in part from the promotional or leisure activities that complement the teaching for up to one month,

- Transfer to a parallel class,

- Exclusion from lessons as well as from the support and leisure activities that supplement the lessons for up to three months,

- Transfer to another school of the same type of school or, if such a school cannot be reached under reasonable conditions, to a school with an offer corresponding to the previous schooling of the pupil,

- referral from school,

- Referral from all schools.

Other things are not allowed and are solely a matter for the police / public prosecutor's office.

Regardless of whether the teachers search something or the students search one another, both are forbidden.

Only possible would be:
If someone is caught in the act or persecuted in the act, if they are suspected of having escaped or if their identity cannot be established immediately, anyone is authorized to arrest them temporarily even without a judicial order.

There is also the fact that it is about minors.

You should therefore inform the school inspectorate and report it there so that it does not come to this again or disciplinary action against the teachers who instigated it.

I hope that I have answered your question in an understandable way and thank you for the trust you have placed in us. If you have any questions, you can use the free inquiry function.

With best regards