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New Introductions to Cisco Exam Certifications

The new Cisco certifications are designed to help network technicians and administrators develop extensively in terms of automation, development, networking, and security. IT pros could no longer afford to stick to routing, security, or wireless networks only, as the modern network is considered to be fairly tightly interconnected. You can earn the Cisco Certified Specialist Proof of Entitlement by completing an exam other than the new CCNA exam. The new Cisco Certified Specialist exam would serve as a focal point for individuals willing to earn a CCNP certification. After you achieve professional status, you can earn both your Expert (CCIE) and Architect (CCAr) certifications. For the latest and updated Cisco 300-820 dumps, check out the training courses offered at EveDumps.

CCNA track updates
The new, consolidated CCNA would replace all current CCNA special certifications from CCNA Cloud to CCNA Wireless. It would also replace the CCDA. The new CCNA would have no prerequisites. However, Cisco has recommended that candidates should have at least one year of experience managing Cisco solutions, an understanding of the general IP address, and knowledge of networking basics. After all, you would only need to take one exam to earn the CCNA instead of taking multiple exams to achieve employee status.

CCNP track updates
Most CCNP certifications are also declining. Instead of starting your specialization path at the CCNA level, you would now take the one CCNA and then specialize in the CCNP. Here are the five lanes that would replace the current eight lanes from CCDP to CCNP Routing and Switching:
• CCNP Enterprise
• CCNP service provider
• CCNP collaboration
• CCNP data center
• CCNP security

Even for CCNP you would not have any formal requirements for the CCNP certifications. And instead of taking three or four exams, you would only have to take two exams - a core exam and a concentration exam of your choice.

CCIE track updates
The CCIE and CCDE certifications would also change. There would soon be only six CCIE tracks left:
• CCIE data center
• CCIE collaboration
• CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure
• CCIE Enterprise Wireless
• CCIE security
• CCIE service provider

Instead of taking a dedicated CCIE written exam, all you would need to do is take the CCNP concentration test and later attend an eight-hour laboratory. With the exception of the two CCIE Enterprise options, any CCNP certification would match a CCIE to generate a flawless transition from Professional to Expert. With Enterprise, you would have two lanes to follow: CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure and CCIE Enterprise Wireless. After Taking the Cisco 300-835 Dumps you could undertake a wireless or infrastructure lab requirement based on your professional role and interests.

New DevNet certification path
In addition to the new Cisco certification paths, Cisco would introduce a new certification path called DevNet. This certification program is designed to promote automation specialists, software developers, DevOps engineers and other software-based professions. The certification path enables you to improve your skills in automation, applications, infrastructure development and design within the network, the cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT) and DevOps. It would follow the same track construction as the others, going from DevNet Associate to Specialist to Professional. As a result, DevNet would also support the same guidelines: you could take an associate-level exam at the CCNA level, become a specialist after completing one test, or take two exams to become a professional.

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