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So folks-at general request so here is the overview-compiled by Spoon with the best of thanks from accordians and me: P

Accord warranty cases from 2003 (CL / CM / CN):
- Recalls according to KBA:

- January 2004: Gasoline 2.0, 2.4, recall overpressure hose in the engine compartment
- July 2004: Limosine CL7 / CL9, recall wiring harness tailgate

Guarantee cases (summarized, applies to all versions)

- Door rubbers rattle

-> internal callback according to Honda, at the request of the customer
Complete exchange, according to the service letter, it will be checked again in 2007 if it rattles
and if necessary exchanged again (new rubbers since 2007)

- rattling of the door panels with basses in connection with the premium sound system

-> Installation at the customer's request of an insulation kit for the doors (only applies to premium
sound system !!)

- Headlights fogged up in front or whitish discoloration on the edge

-> Complete replacement of the headlight unit according to the internal letter from Honda,
partly new sealing or use of an absorbent pad according to the dealer.
But replacement is planned according to Honda!

- Clutch master cylinders crack

-> internal letter where the original equipment lacked a rubber coating
crack or play in the clutch pedal. The master cylinder is completely replaced, also has one
other part no. like the original!

- occasional rust on the tailgate of the tourer (diesel + petrol)

-> Replacement of the complete tailgate including a new seal

- Failure of the tailgate motor Tourer (diesel + petrol)

-> Replacement of the complete drive motor (after the guarantee period: with additional payment from Honda, but there
individual solution at the customer)

- wavy / rusty brake discs, heavy wear brake pads front + rear) (diesel + petrol)

-> up to approx. 40Tkm and 3 years of vehicle age, complete replacement of the blocks and pads, but this is strong
After that, exchange for guarantee only in individual cases! Depending on the scope of service, vehicles are more or
less affected. This error occurs when the brake is regularly cleaned (dismantled) for inspection
However, Honda only gives the brake check / cleaning point in the WHB for inspection.

- exhaust gas recirculation valve (only diesel)

-> Replace the valve when the MKL is lit or jerky. In most cases, new software is used
for the ECU

- fogged windshield (diesel)

-> Change of the software for the heating

- Rust on the bonnet fenders after stone chips (diesel / petrol)

-> Exchange and repainting ONLY if there are rust bubbles UNDER the paintwork
Vehicles, no guarantee !!

- Rust approach door stops (diesel + petrol)

-> as part of the annual review, these are re-sealed.

- scratching noises DVD from Navi-LW (all with premium sound system)

-> Complete exchange of the Navi-LW incl. new Navi DVD

- Center console does not stay open rattles (all models)

-> complete replacement of the armrest or the unit

- Paint peeling off OEM aluminum rims (all models)

-> are either exchanged (with very strong corrosion) or painted free of charge

- Battery wears out prematurely (CL7 / CL9 / CM1 / CM2)

-> complete replacement of the battery

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- After installing the insulation kit for the Premium Sound System, vibration noises were detected by the door openers. Then the door openers were changed.

- Windows could only be half closed in places. The window regulator was then changed.
was on an Accord i-CTDI model 06

Callback campaign:
Defect at the fuel pump relay (Accord, FR-V, Jazz 2005)

Model model type model year
FR-V BE1, BE3 05
JAZZ GD1, GD5 05

The engine dies while driving.

root cause
A manufacturing defect in the fuel pump relay (PGM-FI main relay 2) can break a coil cable in the relay. If so, the fuel pump will not work and the engine may not start. If the relay fails while driving, the engine can stall without warning and lead to an accident.

ATTENTION: During the affected production phase, this part was provided by two suppliers, Denso and Mitsuba; however, only vehicles equipped with Mitsuba relays are affected.

Water ingress on the headlight (Accord 2003-2005)
- Extended warranty -

Model model type model year
ACCORD 4D CL7, CL9, CN1 03, 04, 05
ACCORD TOURER CM1, CM2, CN2 03, 04, 05

Water enters the headlight and leads to the formation of condensation or fogging. In the case of HID headlights, this can also lead to a failure of the low beam.

root cause
Insufficient adhesive bond between headlight lens and housing leads to water ingress. If the vehicle is equipped with HID headlights, water can enter the HID control unit and cause the low beam to fail.

The seal between the headlight lens and housing has been improved to prevent water ingress.

Fixed from VIN

From model year 2006.

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- rattling of the door panels with basses in connection with the premium sound system

-> Installation at the customer's request of an insulation kit for the doors (only applies to premium
sound system !!)

Was made for me, have no premium sound system !! And also had this mistake!

Camshaft wear - Extended warranty -
(Accord CL7, CM1 / Civic EV1 / CR-V RD8 / Stream RN3)
Model model type model year


ACCORD TOURER CM1 03 CIVIC 5D EV1 03 CR-V RD8 02, 03 STREAM RN3 02, 03

Symptom The customer notices a noise from the engine.

Cause Insufficient heat treatment of the camshaft during production.

Remedy Production and testing processes have been improved.

Fixed from VIN
JHMCL7 *** 3C207758
JHMCM1 *** 3C201246
JHMRN3 *** 3C202964
SHSRD8 *** 3U118460
SHHEV1 *** 3U001577

GD1, GD5
02, 03, 04, 05

After extensive investigations, this extends the warranty in the event of corrosion in certain areas, as described below, for certain models.
The areas have been identified as the most common and the extended warranty is designed to maximize customer satisfaction.
Honda has taken various measures to prevent such corrosion on current models. Among other things, the use of sealants in the area of ​​narrow joints, deburring on edges, control of the paint application and many others.
Affected models and areas
Jazz (2002-2005)
Jazz door
At the door of jazz, there are three main areas that are affected: (
· Corrosion in the rebate area of ​​the window frame.
· Corrision in the area between the weld seams in the front and rear area.
· Corrosion of the lower inner surface of the door.
Jazz tailgate
On the tailgate of the Jazz, there are two main areas that are affected: (
· Corrosion around the lock cylinder
Corrosion of the lower inner surface of the inner lining of the tailgate (corrosion on the surface between the inner lining and the abutting edge, usually in the area near the locking mechanism)
If a customer complains about corrosion in these areas and on the models described above outside of the normal warranty period, an extended warranty applies.

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