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camper personality Empty phrase Favorite style birthday description
GenjiAthletic"Goseimas" Asian21.1.Aki is a lover of classical Japanese poetry. "Brushes instead of printers, green tea instead of milk coffee - praise the tradition!"
ChrissyLively"Cuddly" Cute28.8.Anne is curious and cheeky, which is why her older sister Manu has to look after her all the time. Does Anne rely a little too much on Manu always being there for her?
ClaudeSleepyhead"Hop on" Modern3.12.Claude heard that vinegar shakes are all the rage right now. That's why he tries to use sushi vinegar to create a drink that goes well with fish dishes.
DottyLively"Uiui" Naturally14.3.With her even features, she could be an actress. But since Doro can't memorize texts very well, improvisational theater might suit her better.
GastonCurmudgeon"Heart leaf" Official28.10.Gaston always looks grumpy, but actually he's not. Could it be that he's hiding a smile behind his mustache? Or is it just being misunderstood?
sweetLively"Hüppi" Cute3.3.Henrike works at her own pace and that means that she gets all of the tasks done in no time at all. It's amazing how few mistakes you make!
CarmenLively"Long-eared" Modern6.1.Hilda loves Scandinavian colors and thinks they are very stylish. She likes mint clothes, but she hates mint chocolate.
ColeSleepyhead"Mümml" Modern10.8.Karl's lifelong dream is to live on an island in a chic hotel on the beach. Then you can eat as much ice cream as you like!
CocoBalanced"Hoppsa" Asian1.3.Koko isn't boring, she just doesn't talk a lot. Maybe she is ashamed that she has to keep saying “hoppsa”. This is not particularly unusual for rabbits.
FrancineSnooty"Hey man" Poppy22.1.Manu is always worried about her little sister Anne, while she hardly cares about herself. That must mean that you care a lot about Anne - right?
BunnieLively"Tiihii" Cute9.5.Mimmi lives in her own world. Unfortunately nobody else lives there. If you talk to her, it can happen that she suddenly changes the subject in the middle of a sentence.
MiraBig sister"Yeah" Poppy6.7.Nobody really knows what to think of Mira. Sometimes she gives the impression that she is moving in a world that is only loosely in contact with ours.
O'HareComplacent"Amigo" Cool24.7.Nico has something of a pushy and self-loving snob. However, it also has its good points. However, maybe in another book ...
SnakeAthletic"Whoops" Asian3.11.Philip would like to be a ninja, but pink is not a good camouflage color. In addition, his ears do not fit under a hood. Maybe rabbits aren't meant to be ninjas.