Is it stupid to believe in God?

10 good reasons to finally give up your belief

There is not the slightest evidence that God exists. This one sentence should actually suffice to finally renounce the faith. For a god - be it one of the modifications of the Old Testament God or the crocodile god Offler - there is no spark of proof, not for thousands of years of human history. And that is nowhere near the only good reason to give up your belief.

Aren't we all a little godless?

If you look at it soberly, believers are atheists too. Because they only believe in their own god, but not in the thousands of other gods that mankind has come up with over time. So why not go from 99.9% atheist to 100%?


Eat everything but don't believe everything

At the latest when you are studying, you lose habits: you haven't made your bed? No problem. Go to sleep after 12? Who cares? Don't believe in God anymore? Phew, don't. But Catholics are only Catholics because their parents were. Or did you consciously look for your religion yourself? One can overcome this forced way of life.


Maria, he doesn't check it

The Bible is full of falsehoods and false traditions. Nevertheless, these can be central pillars of faith. For example, almah means "young woman" in Hebrew, the language in which the Bible was written. In the Greek translation it then became parthenos, which means virgin. And already Jesus mother was a virgin when she was born - a miracle that is central to the Christian faith to this day.


My invisible friend

A popular argument from believers is: God cannot be refuted either! Indeed, God cannot be refuted, but neither can he be proven. If you look at other pseudo-entities like the tooth fairy, Santa Claus or the flying spaghetti monster - all on the same degree of presumed existence - the argument that something exists just because you can't prove that it doesn't exist seems much more stupid right?


wonder of nature

Without God everything is desolate and meaningless. Not really. After all, you can also admire the beauty of a garden without suspecting fairies in it.


Small but mighty?

The religious imagination is usually quite small: it ends at the sky. God rules the earth, okay. But what about Mars, Venus and the infinite number of planets and suns in other galaxies? The earth-like planet? You rarely or never read about it. God remains a small spirit who torments people on earth for pleasure.

Kill your son lol

You cannot rely on God. First, as a brutal man-smoker of the Old Testament, he punishes everyone who turns against him, then he becomes pure love in the New Testament. Today, as then, the interpretation of what God is like or what he wants from us lies entirely in the hands of the religious rulers. So in human hands.


Do it yourself

What good is a God who doesn't do miracles and doesn't answer prayers? A God who does not communicate, never appears, is practically nonexistent. Shouldn't the energy be used more sensibly for prayers, going to church or paying church taxes?


Myths and Legends

The Bible is and was intended to be a collection of fairy tales. As with the Grimm Brothers' stories, a moral or behavioral guideline is packed into a story in order to make it more appealing - today one would probably speak of storytelling. But if the stories in the Bible are fiction (even theologians don't deny that) why not the main character?

Death to all unbelievers

God or faith do not create ethical behavior. Even at a time when the entire population could safely be called believers, there were crimes of all kinds. There is no need to begin with the fact that even the highest religious dignitaries have repeatedly called for violence and still do it today. In an emergency, the invisible surveillance camera in the sky will probably not prevent anyone from committing a sin for their own benefit. And even if there is, it can be argued how it is to be assessed that people only shrink from crimes out of fear of (divine) punishment.

Tip at the end: This is how you exit the church:

Simply go to the local court (Berlin, Brandenburg, Hesse or North Rhine-Westphalia) or the registry office (rest of Germany) and resign.
Leaving the country hardly costs any money - depending on the state, it usually costs between € 0 and € 40. As soon as you pay taxes, the amount of the saved church tax comes back quickly. No further documents are required.


Author: Ernst Jordan

With information and suggestions from Richard Dawkins ’" Gotteswahn "

Note: I am mainly assuming Christianity in this article, since the majority of readers *, if they are still believers at all, are probably of Christian faith.

29 May 2017