How does Shopify scale

What is Shopify? All advantages of the all-inclusive shop system at a glance

When Shopify was developed by Tobias Lütke from Koblenz in 2006, it was only supposed to help sell snowboards online. This project has grown into one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world, used in 175 different countries.

Today Shopify is the world's leading, cloud-based omnichannel shop system trusted by over 1,000,000 companies. Whether a start-up founded yesterday, a fast-growing brand or a company that has been established for decades, Shopify offers a solution for everything - whether you sell online, via social networks and marketplaces or in your local store.

Worldwide leading brands such as Babbel, Red Bull and Tesla are already selling with the shop system - as are young and emerging companies such as Cerascreen, Tastillery and distorted people.

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Shopify scales with us and we don't have to worry that the shop could collapse.

Christian Häsler, Freeletics (Munich)

All-inclusive shop system

Shopify is aAll-inclusive shop system and attaches great importance to reliability and scalability. With our cross-channel system, we combine a wide variety of online and offline solutions for retailers in just one overview. Reach your customers at every point of sale and enjoy maximum flexibility for your company.

Selling has never been easier, faster and more scalable than with the Omnichannel shop system Shopify. Create your own online shop in just a few steps to be on the market in no time and benefit from a clever link for your shop.

With our locations in Berlin, Ottawa, Toronto, Waterloo, Montréal, San Francisco, Tokyo and Vilnius, we can reach customers all over the world.

I can only recommend Shopify, because it impresses with its simplicity, user-friendliness and processing with payment and checkout. In addition, the shop holds up without any problems on days like Black Friday.

Norbert Willi, distorted people (Munich)

No developer and hosting costs - what Shopify offers online merchants

Shopify solves the challenges of modern retail with an all-in-one offering. You won't find complicated handling, rigid designs and unpredictable costs for programmers and hosting with this shop system!

The advantages of Shopify at a glance:

  • Simple handling via drag and drop - even without programming knowledge
  • A central place for all sales, thanks to the most versatile POS system in just one overview
  • Clear product organization by category, type, season or sales
  • Unlimited number of products in inventory
  • Over 100 finished designs - created by experienced designers with automatic optimal display on mobile devices
  • Full access to your shop's HTML and CSS files at all times
  • High scalability thanks to a powerful cloud platform
  • No manual updates or backups required - everything happens automatically
  • Fail-safe and powerful, even with high traffic
  • Built-in SEO functions, automated marketing, free learning material and product reviews for optimal success of the shop
  • Complete blog platform and equipped content management system for catalogs, blogs or websites
  • Comprehensive dashboard with an overview of all business processes and customer information
  • Reports and statistics directly available and downloadable
  • Creation of new sales channels such as Facebook or Instagram through existing interfaces in seconds
  • Optimization of the Shopify online shops for German e-commerce law and GDPR - pre-certified by the Händlerbund *
  • Support of popular payment methods
  • Flexible shipping methods by the shop operator
  • Over 2,000 apps and tools for maximum flexibility and individual expandability
  • Free support from the Shopify support team

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One of thousands of successful Shopify online shops from Germany, Austria and Switzerland: Babbel from Berlin

Thousands of stores migrate to Shopify from other ecommerce platforms every year. Here you can read why German retailers from 1 & 1, Shopware, Strato, VersaCommerce, Wundery and other systems have come to Shopify.

Incidentally, we also present ingenious Shopify stores and their founders from German-speaking countries in our podcast. You can hear it here!

Five Shopify Customer Success Stories

Thousands of companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are already using Shopify successfully. We would like to introduce you to five of these companies. You can find many more references, case studies, best cases, interviews and inspiring stories from the German-speaking Shopify community here.

  1. Cloud-based and extremely strong with high utilization: This is how Shopify paid for 3Bears at "The Lions' Den"
  2. Dropshipping with Shopify: This is how it is done Ontaria importing Canadian furniture
  3. International success with Shopify: Stay cold apparel generates traffic from all over the world
  4. Vouchers in the online shop: Babbel makes language offers for business customers possible with Shopify
  5. Online vs. stationary: how Wildling Shoes with Shopify successfully combines online and offline sales

Caroline Steingruber and Tim Nichols, the two founders and managing directors of 3Bears

1. Cloud-based and extremely strong with high utilization: This is how Shopify paid for 3Bears at "The Lions' Den"

Industry: Food

Shopify is a cloud-based shop system. For you as an online retailer, this means that you don't have to worry about hosting, operation, data backup or updates! With the automatic Shopify updates you are always up to date.

You also get unlimited hosting capacities and a reliability of 99.98 percent - even if many users access your shop at the same time.

The Munich-based food startup 3Bears was also able to experience this in 2017 with an appearance at "Die Höhle der Löwen". In the show they presented their porridge products and were able to win Frank Thelen and Judith Williams as investors. The television program not only increased the number of visitors immensely, but also skyrocketed orders. In the first twelve hours after it was broadcast, the company recorded 15,000 orders.

The cloud-based shop was able to withstand this extreme load without any problems and offer buyers the best user experience. Even after the appearance, the daily orders are growing steadily and thanks to Shopify, 3Bears has the opportunity to continue to scale in the future.

Read the 3Bears success story

2. Dropshipping with Shopify: This is how it is done Ontaria importing Canadian furniture

Industry: Furniture

For entrepreneurs who want to trade via dropshipping, Shopify offers the best framework. Thanks to the availability of many apps and interfaces such as Oberlo, the shop system enables drop shipping from the manufacturer to the end customer.

The Shopify retailer Ontaria Ltd. from Wiesbaden partially relies on this form of entrepreneurship and has high-priced Art Nouveau furniture and saunas produced in North America, imported by freight forwarders and delivered to the buyer. Ontaria is giving dropshipping a completely new face.

Shopify user Ontaria sells high-priced furniture and wood products like this barrel sauna from Canada

The founder and career changer Markus Philipp has been running his Shopify shop since 2016. The clarity of the shop system was convincing, as the founder said in an interview: "We understood Shopify within a week!"

Read the Ontaria success story

The online shop of the Berlin-based Shopify customer Stay Cold Apparel

3. International success with Shopify:Stay cold apparel generates traffic from all over the world

Industry: fashion and fashion

Shopify makes it easy for its online retailers to offer products for global markets. With over 100 available payment portals, all possible payment options can be offered, from purchase on account and instant transfer via Bitcoin and PayPal to credit cards - even without third-party accounts. Shipping is also made easier for you - you automatically receive the shipping and tax rates from all major senders. Since the checkout is possible in over 50 languages, the internationalization is simplified for you.

Shopify shops like Stay Cold Apparel from Berlin are leading the way: With their own fashion line, the streetware label has been using Shopify as a shop system since 2017 and offers its customers shops in euros, pounds and US, Canadian and Australian dollars. Deputy Managing Director Vivian Meurer (aka Vuven) revealed why the company opted for Shopify:

It was important for us to look for a sustainable company that would be successful in the long term. That's why we chose Shopify from the start.

With this decision, the label was able to prove itself internationally and, above all, gain recognition on the American market. Nevertheless, Germany and EU countries such as France, Belgium and Great Britain also play a major role. On special occasions such as Cyber ​​Monday, enormous shop hits from these countries were recorded. Up to 200 percent more visitors came to the shop on these days, but:

The Shopify servers were stable, so our shops were good at blocking the traffic!

Read the Stay Cold Apparel success story

4. Vouchers in the online shop: Babbel makes language offers for business customers possible with Shopify

Industry: digital economy and e-commerce

Shopify makes it possible for ecommerce merchants to give discount codes to online shop visitors. You can freely choose whether these are granted as a monetary amount, percentages or free shipping.

In addition, gift vouchers can be sold in the shop - and even in digital form. These can be ordered in the respective store and simply downloaded by the buyer.

The well-known company Babbel from Berlin shows the possibilities available. As one of the best-known language learning platforms, the company has been targeting business customers with an additional offering for some time. Through a Shopify store, companies can purchase vouchers for courses, webinars, or tests for multiple employees. Susanne Wechsler - Director B2B at Babbel - said in an interview:

Our Shopify experience was positive. With the system, implementation was straightforward and we had the opportunity to get started very quickly.

After the resulting B2B shop was well received by business customers, the company made the decision to set up a gift voucher shop with Shopify for private customers as well. Since then, both B2B and B2C customers have been able to purchase digital vouchers from Babbel.

Read the Babbel success story

5. Online vs. stationary: How Wildling Shoes Successfully combines online and offline sales with Shopify

Industry: Fashion & Fashion

While the digital change is causing online sales to grow rapidly, many brick-and-mortar retailers are struggling to survive. In many cases, convenience and simplicity lead to shopping via smartphone, laptop or tablet. However, if a retailer understands the behavioral trend, he can integrate it into his sales strategy and has a good chance of asserting himself both online and in physical business. Shopify also offers a system that combines every point of sale in just one overview, regardless of whether the sale takes place in a stationary or online shop.

With Shopify POS in Retail: One Central Place for Every Sale

Shopify Point of Sale offers you a central solution for all your personal and online sales. While you can inspire your customers at every contact point, you get the complete overview in just one view.

Find out more here!

Wilding Shoes proves that stationary retail is far from dead

The Shopify retailers and founders of Wilding Shoes Ran and Anna Yona started out of a problem with just one product idea and set up a shop for it. After their children grew up barefoot in India for 12 years, they did not find the right footwear on their return to Germany that the children would want to wear with their feet that are used to freedom.

Our Shopify experience was positive. With the system, implementation was straightforward and we had the opportunity to get started very quickly.

Wilding Shoes is the best proof that you can unite online as well as stationary. Because instead of just offering their unique shoe models in specialist shops, they have developed their own concept for stationary retail. In addition to her online shop, her shoes can be touched and tried on in the Wildling showrooms. With a lot of imagination and an exciting stationary shopping experience, you have built a perfect bridge between online and offline.

Read the Wilding Shoes success story

No matter which idea you are pursuing and which company size you are aiming for - you can get started right away with the cloud-based shop system!

* Applies to the popular Debut theme. In the next few months, the available functions will be rolled out to many more free and premium themes.

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Frequently asked questions about the Shopify shop system

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a cloud-based commerce platform that first launched in Canada in 2006. With Shopify you can sell in a retail store as well as create your own online shops and offer products on marketplaces such as Amazon or in social media channels. The best: you don't need any programming skills. The system can be used for practically all types of goods and services.

Is Shopify Good?

Shopify's biggest advantage is its simplicity. The system lets you create your own online store in just a few steps. With numerous apps, Shopify is also very easy to expand and can be adapted to your needs. You don't need to worry about things like hosting either, because Shopify is cloud-based. Hosting, backups and updates happen automatically. Since the system scales with the traffic of your shop, there are no stability problems even on days with high user traffic, such as Black Friday.

How much does Shopify cost?

Shopify is subscription-based, which means that you have to pay a monthly fee to use it. There are three different subscriptions, so-called plans, with different functionality: Basic ($ 29 / month), Shopify ($ 79 / month) and Advanced ($ 299 / month). There is also a model with many other features, Shopify Plus. The costs correspond to 0.25% of your sales. If you want to try Shopify first, you can do so for free for 14 days!

Who is Shopify for?

Shopify is primarily aimed at retailers who want to set up their own online shop without much effort. Shopify is an ideal system, especially for beginners, as setting up the Shopify store does not require any programming knowledge. But leading providers such as Babbel, Red Bull and Tesla also rely on Shopify. Since every Shopify store is hosted on a scalable cloud, traffic and size don't matter.

Posted by Hendrik Breuer:Hendrik is the editor in charge of the German Shopify blog. Do you want to publish a guest post? Then please read this guide first.

The author of this article is Caroline Dohrmann.

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