Support Wikipedia

Support Wikipedia

Together we know more! This basic idea behind Wikipedia and its sister projects shows us every day in an impressive way: Thousands of volunteers and voluntary communities write and improve articles, take photos, maintain data, develop software and make their knowledge freely available to everyone. You support all of this with your donation!

As a non-profit association, Wikimedia Germany is financed through regular membership fees and the income from the donation campaign at the end of the year. Together, hundreds of thousands of people with small and large amounts secure the independence of Wikipedia. More information is available in our annual report and in the current business plan for 2021.

A large part of the donations and membership fees go directly to the support of Wikipedia volunteers. Here are three examples of how we support the volunteer communities:

Acquisition of new authors

Wikipedia thrives on the unique commitment of many volunteer authors. But the number of active people is falling. That is why one of the greatest goals of Wikimedia Germany is to continue to attract new committed people to Wikipedia in the future.


The volunteers have many ideas that they would like to implement for Wikipedia. We support you in this. For example, by procuring the required photo or video technology, obtaining permits or helping to organize events.

Local spaces

Knowledge needs space - in the truest sense of the word. That is why we provide local rooms in various places in Germany where volunteers can meet and write together on Wikipedia.

Your donation for Wikipedia and Free Knowledge

As a non-profit association Wikimedia Germany is financed in addition to membership fees mainly through voluntary donations. With this financial support, the Wikipedia independence and other free knowledge projects. You too can support us with a donation - because together we can achieve more!

Knowledge is valuable. Free knowledge is priceless. Thanks for Wikipedia! 05.11.2020
Free and digital access to knowledge is of great importance, especially at a time when one is obliged not to leave the house. Therefore: donate! 05.11.2020
Like no other project, Wikipedia represents the positive side of the Internet. Thanks a lot for this! 05.11.2020
Wikipedia is one of the best sites on the web! 05.11.2020
So often I look up information to explain something to my son that I wanted to give something back too. I have no idea how it used to be without Wikipedia ... 05.11.2020
I ❤️ Wikipedia! 05.11.2020
I support Wikipedia because it's a great project. Wikipedia makes extensive knowledge available to all people in the world free of charge. I want to and must support that. 05.11.2020

A strong voice for free knowledge

So that Free Knowledge and the many volunteer projects like Wikipedia can continue to exist in the future, it is important that the basic requirements are right. That is why we are also heavily involved in the following areas:

Social education

We carry out educational work in exchange with politics and civil society in order to promote the free use of publicly financed content.


Further development of technology and software

We are constantly improving the technical infrastructure and digital tools, without which projects like Wikipedia could not exist.


Become a member

In order for us to be able to campaign for free access to knowledge in the long term, we depend on continuous financial support. Help us! You make an extremely important contribution from as little as 2 euros a month.