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Safety and dangers Morocco - How safe is it to travel to this country?

Dear globetrotters, many of you asked us about the Security in Morocco looks like. We didn't even think about this question before our tour. For us there were no concerns from the start. What we just asked ourselves: “How are the roads in the country? Gravel roads and potholes? ”Otherwise, we never really thought about security in Morocco, even though there have been terrorist attacks in Morocco in the past. After our trip through the country we can give you some helpful information on this topic.

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What does the Federal Foreign Office say about security in Morocco?

When we find out about such topics, we always check the website from the Federal Foreign Office first. You say that Morocco is a politically stable country with a good tourist and security infrastructure. The Federal Foreign Office recommends not to travel to remote areas of the Sahara. We strongly advise against traveling to the border regions of Algeria and Mauritania.

Tourist routes to Zagora or Erfoud are not affected. You should only undertake off-road tours in a group and with a Moroccan guide. We did a guided tour into the Sahara from Merzouga and it was MEGA! We only met friendly and interesting people here. The security in Morocco was definitely given during our trip.

Nuisances can also occur in the Rif Mountains. This is where cannabis is grown. Please do not travel to this area alone and, above all, do not buy drugs. Possession of drugs is criminally prosecuted in Morocco and can lead to painful imprisonment.

Risk of terrorist attacks

There is a Risk of terrorist attacks with an Islamist background, which apparently target foreign nationals. It is also said that the unstable security situation in the regions of North Africa, the Sahel and the Middle East can also affect Morocco. Propaganda, demonstrations, etc. can also develop spontaneously and, above all, unexpectedly. So it is advised to avoid such demonstrations and crowds.

In April 2011 there was one Bomb explosion in Marrakech kills 17 and several injured. There were also attacks in Casablanca in 2003 and 2007. We don't want to scare you with this, just point out the past. Fortunately, things have remained quiet in the country since then. But we all know that such attacks can take place anywhere today. Let's just look at the past terrible attacks in Europe and the world! In the end, it is no longer 100% secure anywhere. But we shouldn't let that intimidate us!

Crime in the country

As in many other countries in the world, one must above all Expect theft in the big cities. Robberies can happen anytime, anywhere. We didn't notice anything about it, neither in Marrakech nor anywhere else in Morocco. We also never felt unsafe or threatened. However, we heard that some robberies even used stabbing weapons against tourists. Fruitful! But as I said, we never heard of it.

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It should also be mentioned that the crime rate in Morocco is very low compared to other European countries. Often they are unemployed Teenagers, alcohol addicts or drug addictswho are willing to do such things in order to satisfy their addiction with the money. What we noticed: drugs are often offered to you and Moroccans try to sell themselves as city guides. You should be careful here, these are real rascals! Decline these services safely and confidently. Be careful with the drugs!

Often people want to sell you drugs only to then whistle to the police. They're all under one roof! In fact, someone might tell you your ticket for a bus or train journey is invalid. These fake “ticket inspectors” then want you to pay extra. Don't let ‘persuade you! Before you start a ride at the train station, you can ask the station staff about safety in Morocco.

How safe is it in Marrakech and other cities?

Many tourists either only travel to Marrakech or visit this city on a round trip. Marrakech is definitely one of the most popular travel destinations in Morocco. And so many ask themselves here too: “Is a trip to Marrakech safe?” We generally had no problems in Marrakech and never really had the feeling of insecurity. Of course it was creepy every now and then in some alleys. But: a different country, different people and different cultures. In any case, security in Morocco was given in most cases.

We were often offered drugs, once we were even turned on really stupid by a young Moroccan. We were looking for our riad, he wanted to help and bring us to the riad. Since we already knew the scam, we declined with thanks. Then he got quite angry and followed us through the streets the whole time. We didn't understand his words, but we didn't feel well anymore.

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Money, drugs and pride

This is my area!“We had to listen to each other the whole time. He looked very aggressive and was probably on drugs too. The next day our driver told us that the area around the Bahia Palace wasn't the best anyway. There are many drug addicts buzzing around here who want money for their drugs. So be careful! Not all people just want to be friendly and helpful. They just want your money! It's a shame, but that's how it goes from time to time.

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In Marrakech and other places you are increased armed police and security forces see. They are an integral part of the cityscape, you have to get used to them first. Above all, they patrol sights, bus stops and train stations. After all, you convey a basic feeling of security. Because of the terrorist attacks in recent years, you are now appearing more and more in public.

Pickpockets are everywhere - not just in Morocco. Fortunately, we did not fall victim to these little smear fingers. Still, you should roam the streets with your eyes open. It is best to leave your valuables at home or in the hotel. You should carry your backpack on the front of your chest instead of unattended on your back. It is best to take only a small bag with you and, above all, not to take too much cash.

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We usually only had 10 to 20 € in our pocket. Also, be careful when taking photos. We only took a photo of a donkey and the owner immediately asked for money from us. This is how it works especially on the main square “Djemaa El-Fna”. You shouldn't even support monkeys with chains around their necks, helpless snakes as photo motifs and other animal cruelty! And nobody really needs a photo of this cruelty to animals in the family album.

Is it safe to drive the rental car yourself?

We drove through the “Great South” of the country with the rental car. What astonished us that the roads were mostly in a really good condition. So we got from A to B without any problems. But we were also given some information before the start of our tour. In the desert you should only drive with a four-wheel drive vehicle. Most of the street signs are in Arabic and English.

Occasionally, in remote areas, there are no signs at all. But then the navigation device will help. We advise against in darkness and dusk driving through the country by car. So always try to start your tours in good time. In the dark you overlook the obstacles that you will encounter again and again on the road in Morocco.

In the big cities you should try to just swim with the traffic and not let yourself be disturbed. Of course, there are far more cars on the roads here than in the remote regions. In Morocco there is no left-hand traffic, you also drive here on the right-hand side.

When driving, you should always do that Keep an eye on the edge of the road to keep. It is not uncommon for a cow, a donkey, a pedestrian, a goat, a sheep, a camel or a cyclist to cross or narrow your path. Drive carefully if you can see potholes from a distance and take your foot off the accelerator.

Watch out, police!

At Police checks you should drive up slowly and wait whether the officer gives you a sign to continue or you should stop. We were always waved off and only stopped once on the last stretch. He then wrote a "150" in the air and signaled to us that we were driving too fast. So we should pay 150 dirhams (15 €). Of course that was a lie!

We pretended to be stupid and asked for evidence of this. He then waved it off and let us drive on without comment 😀 So be careful with such controls and do not immediately believe everything you are told. Stick to the speeds and rules, even if nobody is to be seen on the streets!

The religion in the country

The state religion in Morocco is Islam. Round 98.7% of the population are Muslim, 90% of them Sunni of the Maliki school of law. So attach importance to religious mores. You are not allowed to enter any mosque (with the exception of the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca and the renovated Tin Mal mosque in the High Atlas).

During the fasting month of Ramadan, you should also be careful and cautious about smoking, eating and drinking in public. Don't encourage locals to consume alcohol either! Dress appropriately and don't just walk around in the shortest shorts and with a plunging neckline. Just spare yourself the looks of others.

Islamic rules in Morocco

Women and men have to do that islamic rules always keep a certain distance from one another. Hospitality is very important in Morocco. Should you ever be invited, bring something as a gift (sweets or toys for the kids). Make sure you take off your shoes beforehand and never show the soles of your feet, do not point your feet towards someone else. This is understood here as an insult.

Before you Photos of others Want to make people, you should ask politely beforehand. Often you don't mind, but a small tip is usually expected. You shouldn't even take photos of the military! Officials and authorities are much more respected in Morocco than in other countries.

So never insult the king and other officials. Moroccans rarely speak negatively about their country - even if they are critical of the system. So save yourself any statements about it. It is even illegal to criticize the royal family! And very important, if you should be out and about on a beach in Morocco: Nudist and "topless" is strictly forbidden!

Homosexuality and prostitution

You will often see Moroccan men holding hands or walking arm in arm through the streets. It has nothing to do with homosexuality, it is just an expression of friendship among men. Through the Islamic faith, homosexuality is ostracized and viewed as immoral. In general, there is little room in Morocco for exchanging caresses, regardless of whether they are straight, homosexual or bisexual couples. Kissing in public is not welcome. Men and women just shake hands.

In Marrakech, for example, you will find guesthouses which are called "gay friendly" be valid. They are used to gay or lesbian couples and so there is no irritation there. Prostitution is spreading more and more. The police are now strictly against it. If you want to get closer to locals, you should do it discreetly and always keep the legal situation in mind. In general, the country is just as suitable for gays and lesbians as it is for straight people.

Safety in Morocco - tips for your trip

Finally we just want you summarized a few tips give me on the way. Keep these in mind and proceed with common sense. Morocco is a beautiful country and definitely worth the trip. Do not be intimidated by any incident, religion, or law. Go out into the world and have a look at it! It is worth it! <3

  • Travel in a group, as a couple and not necessarily all by yourself
  • Avoid dark alleys
  • Store your important travel documents safely or in the hotel safe
  • Do not stow any important things in the outside pockets of your backpack
  • Leave valuables at home or in the hotel
  • Pay attention to the traffic rules
  • Do not drive at night or at dusk
  • Tips are expected but please not too much! That spoils dealing with tourists.
  • Do not take unauthorized photos of others (no photos from the military or similar)
  • Kisses and caresses are not welcome in public
  • Respect the local religions - dress appropriately!
  • Observe religious rules of behavior!
  • Do not express yourself disparagingly about the royal family
  • Refrain from drugs and increased alcohol consumption
  • Beware: Wrong tour guides, drug dealers and sellers!
  • Always negotiate the price when shopping - that's good form here!
  • Take gemein well-intentioned tips / advice / hints from locals!
  • Courtesy, friendliness and common sense = THATS IT!

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