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Amazon launches private label electronics accessories

Amazon.com now sells electronics accessories in the United States under the name Amazon Basics. In the coming months, the range is to be expanded to include international shops.

The world's largest online retailer Amazon.com is now selling electronic accessories under its own brand name in the USA. As the first “Amazon Basics” products, DVD and CD blanks and various cables have been on offer since Saturday. The company announced in a press release that more articles will follow soon.

The offer should also be extended to the other international web shops in the coming months. The online retailer is thus competing with the manufacturers and retailers who sell their products via the platform.

"Complement, not competition"

Amazon itself sees its own brand as a complement, not competition: "We will continue to collect suggestions from our customers in order to further expand Amazon Basics," says Paul Ryder, Vice President of Consumer Electronics at Amazon.com.

“We want to offer our customers as wide a selection as possible. And we are of the opinion that Amazon Basics perfectly complements the brands that we already have in our range. "

The in-house products are also packaged "frustration-free", promises Amazon: The recyclable packaging should be easy to open and the packages should not be filled with unnecessary packaging materials.


The trade 02/2021

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