Is there math on the lsat

Todo list online

  • Stay calm and focused - remember, you can do this!

  • Work one problem at a time. Work through the whole problem, then move on to the next one.

  • Read the facts carefully. Determine whether you are editing an order game or a group game.

  • Create a game board with a list of pawns, a box diagram, and a brief record of the rules.

  • Expand the game board by making connections between the rules and creating possible assignments or assignments.

  • Almost always the first question in the set simply involves applying the rules. So if you are having trouble expanding your game board, the first question should be addressed so that you can focus better.

  • Read the questions carefully. Notice whether your answer can be true, must be true, can be false, or must be false.

  • Review all of the answers and rely on the elimination process.

    • For answers that must be true, eliminate answer options that must be either false or false.

    • For answers that must be wrong, eliminate answer choices that must be either true or true.

    • For answers that are possible or true, eliminate answers that must be wrong.

    • For answers that are possible or wrong, eliminate answers that must be true.

  • If a question seems difficult at first, try another in the same section. Solving some questions in the group can help you answer others in the group.

  • When you finish one problem, forget about it and clear your brain for the next one.