Are copper sulfate crystals dangerous

Copper sulfate in the pool



Therefore ask your doctor or pharmacist about risks and side effects!

Water care with copper sulfate - copper sulfate in the pool, does copper sulfate help against algae?

Copper sulfate for water maintenance or fight against Seaweed offered. We describe the effect of Copper sulfate in the pool or how Copper sulfate against algae works.

Form your own opinion:

In recent years copper and ammonium sulfate have been offered for water care. Nowadays it is known that copper is one of the best algae killers. Copper oxides and sulphates are used to destroy vermin, algae and fungi. All over the world, copper is sold as an algae killer that can kill even the black alga, the toughest of them all.

The use of these heavy metal-containing sulfates helps effectively against the algae.

However, the application also harbors dangers.

  • Copper is a heavy metal - therefore harmful to health
  • Stains in PVC foils - black / brown deposits
  • Material from filter systems - plastics and metal parts are attacked
  • Light hair on the head takes on a bluish cast
  • Disposal of heavy metals is problematic - sewage treatment plant, soil ... everything later shows its traces.

My opinion:

As a responsible pool operator, you should not harm your health. This method of water maintenance is inexpensive in terms of costs, but in the long term it is sensitive due to the increased wear and tear of the material. With the correct and sufficient use of conventional water care products, clean and hygienic water can be achieved without any problems.

Chemical effect of copper sulfate: