Are NaCH3COO and CH3COONa the same

CH3COOH (aq) + NaHCO3 (aq) → CH3COONa (aq) + H2O (l) + CO2 (G)

this is a Acid-base-Reaction (Neutralization): CH3COOH is a acid, NaHCO3 is a base.

this is a Gas evolution reaction, CO2 is the formed gas.


    • Names: acetic acid, * Ethanoic acid (system. IUPAC), Household vinegarE260, Methane carboxylic acid, Acidum aceticum, Acetoxylic acid, Acetate ion, Ethanoic acid, Acid vinegar, Acetylic acid, Glacial acetic acid, CH3COOH, Ethoxylic acid, Ethanoic acid, Methyl carboxylic acid, Wood acid, Vinegar essence, AcOH, E 260, HAc, HOAc
    • Appearance: Pungent smelling liquid with a characteristic odor
  • NaHCO3
    • Names: Sodium bicarbonate, * Sodium hydrogen carbonate, Bullrich SaltEmperor soda, E500ii, Kaisernatron, Food atron, Soda, Sodium bicarbonate, Sodium bicarbonate, Sodium bicarbonate, Double carbonate of soda, NaHCO3, Bullrich Salt, Baking soda, Neter, Nitrum, Baking soda
    • Appearance: Colorless, odorless, crystalline solid


  • CH3COONa
  • H2O
  • CO2
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