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We are convinced: regional and local media have a future

The MADSACK media group has been investing in regional and local media since the 19th century. And in the 21st century, too, we are optimistic about this special field of business. Whether in Lübeck, Hanover, Leipzig, Rostock or Potsdam - people today experience their city as part of a world that is more closely networked than ever before. At the same time, cosmopolitan and committed people are turning more consciously than before to their own homeland. Because modern society wants a broad exchange of ideas - especially when it comes to topics on their own doorstep. That is why regional and local media will remain as important in the future as they were yesterday and are today - if not even more important. As a media company, we see ourselves as having a double responsibility: above all for our products and services, but also for the region in which we live.

We operate the social network of the regions

Facebook, Twitter and Co. make it possible: Some people now have more contact with their former school friend who emigrated to Australia than with the people on their street.

Journalism has long provided much more than just information. He can be the reader's advocate, contact person, organizer, local aid organization. In any case, readers form a capable and influential community, regionally rooted, networked and informed.

We hold a treasure in our hands: credibility

With its traditional newspaper brands, the MADSACK media group holds a treasure in its hands: the trust of its readers. We are determined never to disappoint this trust. Integrity and honesty must never be given up in everyday life by editorial offices and publishing houses just for the sake of a short-term benefit. Because in the long term, the entire fate of the MADSACK media group depends on maintaining our credibility towards our readers.

We are Consolidators

All newspaper publishers are currently faced with the same question: How can they live up to their social responsibility in the 21st century and at the same time achieve their economic goals? We do not turn a blind eye to this question. Because we know: A media company must also work profitably in an economic sense. Only then will we meet the expectations of our employees and shareholders. And only then will we also maintain our journalistic independence.

When a self-reliant publisher tries to cut its expenses on printing, delivery, logistics and personnel, it quickly reaches its limits. In many houses, high fixed cost blocks leave the publishers hardly any leeway. The result: profitability dwindles, there is no money for investments in the further development of the company - a downward spiral begins to turn. But there are examples of how one can take countermeasures. The future belongs to composite solutions such as those offered by the MADSACK media group. Regional and local newspapers can stay economically healthy even in difficult times if they come together in well-networked, large groups. Because in the network, the necessary synergies in terms of sales and costs, but also in the development and scaling of new products, can be tapped.

We work in a network

The special value of regional media lies in the unmistakable regional content. The MADSACK media group gives the individual editorial offices the necessary freedom to work on regional and local topics by working on national or international topics through a modern, supraregional network. Quality journalism and entrepreneurial success are made possible at the same time - through intelligent networking in a large network. We also want our experts for logistics, marketing, print or online services to go to work only once for all overarching publishing tasks and not have the wheel reinvented at every location of our media group. All brands and companies in our group will then benefit from high-quality content and excellent services once they have been created. In this way, each individual location can concentrate even better on regional reporting and regional market development. This specialization promotes quality: locally, regionally and across the group.

We stay successful because we change

Fifty years ago, two thirds of our workforce were working in the technical and commercial sector. Today it is only ten percent. This change in our daily work will not let up - and will continue to challenge the employees of the MADSACK media group. We will only be successful in the future if we courageously continue to face this change, which is often painful and arduous. Despite all the changes, we have always remained true to ourselves. Integrity, creativity, team spirit and motivation are values ​​that not only our customers expect from us. We expect the same from ourselves.

We see our customers as neighbors

Regional and local advertising markets - whether districts, municipalities or city districts - are not just any areas defined by a series of postcodes, but home for us. We know the residents and the local characteristics, we are familiar with the local competitive situation and have a feel for how the local market works. Our regional publishers are the regional bracket for the marketing business in the region. Advertising works with us and works - because it doesn't fizzle out in a vacuum, but reaches the personal living environment of our subscribers through our products and services.

Our customers are our neighbors. Because, like them, we are deeply rooted in the region and rely on solid, long-term business relationships. Thanks to its extensive regional marketing competence, the MADSACK media group is a navigator for optimal advertising success in each of its areas of distribution.

We do more

The MADSACK media group can do more than just publish newspapers. For example, we have been investing in the television technology service provider TVN for many years. Our postal service providers Citipost, Nordbrief and LVZ Post have become indispensable for a now rapidly growing number of business customers. Ticketing is also proving to be a growth area: the MADSACK media group now sells almost one million tickets a year. We also offer comprehensive services related to corporate communications. With courageous diversification, we do more - more of ourselves and therefore more for our customers.

We form an alliance for quality with our subscribers

Our subscribers are a little different from the rest of the region's residents in many ways. They are more interested than others in what is happening around them, they are often particularly committed professionally or socially, they have a higher than average income and a high level of education. And as so-called multipliers, they influence the moods and currents in the city. The MADSACK media group forms an alliance for quality with its subscribers. Serious journalism, whether print or online, has its price. In return, the MADSACK media group is determined to offer its subscribers a really first-class service: They should have the certainty around the clock that they are the best informed and best networked social group in their region. You are in much more frequent and lively contact with your newspaper brand several times a day than newspaper subscribers 20 or 30 years ago.

We decelerate and accelerate

MADSACK is preparing to continue publishing high quality newspapers in the future. At the same time, we are investing in digital distribution channels. It is crucial that our journalistic competence reaches the reader: Both channels, print and digital, have to play to their respective strengths.

The printed newspaper of the future, however, will deliberately serve slow food instead of fast food: put events in context, make connections understandable for the first time - and pay more attention than ever to optics and design. Reading this newspaper is not just about information, but also about relaxation, entertainment and enjoyment. Newspaper readers want to turn the newspaper page, smooth it out - and smile, wonder, be happy or come across something exciting that can be passed on to others. Lately, the pausing associated with it no longer seems so old-fashioned, but astonishingly modern.

Key figures

Salesapprox. 700 million euros (2019 financial year)