Where should I buy tailor-made curtains?

Buy curtains: see our Online shopIdeas and inspiration for your new Custom made curtains (Custom-made curtain) and buy / order them easily on-line.

Your choice of colors for your new curtain made to measure (curtains made to measure): aubergine, beige, light beige, dark beige, sand, blue, light blue, dark blue, sky blue, brown, light brown, dark brown, maroon, hazelnut brown, cream white, black, red, light red, dark red, purple red, wine red, pink, pink, light pink, dark pink, old pink, anthracite, gray, dark gray, light gray, silver gray, gold, golden yellow, turquoise, light turquoise, dark turquoise, lime, salmon, vanilla, purple, light purple, dark purple, ecru , eggshell white, yellow, light yellow, dark yellow, orange, light orange, dark orange, gray, light gray, dark gray, light gray, platinum gray, green, dark green, light green, olive green, sea green, mint green, violet, light purple, dark purple, purple, terracotta, brass, gold , bronze, copper, titanium gray.

Are you looking for day curtains (day curtains), night curtains, blackout curtains, decorative curtains, decorative curtains or string curtains made to measure?

The right measure curtain for every room
Our curtains are the ideal interior design element for the living room (parlor), bedroom, children's room, music room, changing room, office (business), meeting room, massage room, doctor's practice, hotels or for the kitchen.

Curtain sewing service online (curtain service)
Whether day curtains with gliders (day curtains without loops, day curtains) night curtains with gliders, blackout curtains (opaque) with gliders or decorative curtains (decorative curtains) without loops, blackout hotel curtains, in this curtain shop you will find the right curtain for every curtain rail.

Regardless of whether it is short or excessive: night curtains, day curtains, custom-made curtains from your curtain service in Switzerland, delivered directly to your home. You will also find high-quality branded curtains from designers such as Christian Fischbacher, Kvadrat and Kinnasand.