Which girl do I choose

Girls often choose less well-paid apprenticeships

Almost half of the girls opt for an apprenticeship as an office clerk, hairdresser or retail clerk and earn a lot less than their male colleagues in technology or construction. Not only are the apprenticeship salaries higher in technology and construction than in the apprenticeships chosen more often by girls, but above all also the starting salaries. This has a long-term effect on the pay gap between men and women.

Intensive career information and a wider range of apprenticeships

Susanne Hofer, chairwoman of the Austrian Youth Union (ÖGJ), advocates intensive vocational orientation as a learning content in compulsory schools. “Young people need to be encouraged in their strengths and talents. And especially among girls, the interest in the so-called MINT professions has to be aroused. ”Hofer also doubts that there is always the possibility of choosing freely between all apprenticeships. “Not all apprenticeships are offered everywhere. For real freedom of choice, the range of apprenticeships would have to be massively expanded, ”said the ÖGJ chairwoman.

In addition, not all employers are willing to employ girls on the construction site or in the workshop. “We hear that girls are turned down for a mechanic apprenticeship because there are no sanitary facilities for them. This is amazing, ”said Hofer. “To make skilled work more attractive again, companies must invest in the quality of training and the advancement of women. The more women take up technical professions, the better the general conditions for them. "

Loan apprentices: The apprenticeship is a qualitative training and not a flexible loan offer

The idea of ​​offering an apprenticeship as a leasing model, as Matthias Wechner, head of Trenkwalder, suggested in the courier on January 22nd, is an absolute no-go for the chairwoman of the youth union. "An apprenticeship is a three- or four-year apprenticeship with certain quality features and no flexible loan offer for companies that want to get cheap unskilled workers", Hofer is shocked at the suggestion. “In Austria we are already struggling with aid work at dumping prices. The proposal to offer apprentices as cheap laborers can only be a bad joke. What we need is more career information, apprenticeships and quality in training. "