Can you make bamboo in Minecraft


bamboo is a plant found in jungles, especially bamboo jungles.

The different stages of bamboo growth.

Cultivation [edit]

Bamboo can be grown on the following blocks: grass block, soil, coarse soil, mycelium, podsol, gravel, sand, and red sand. It then grows to a height of between 12 and 16 blocks. No water is needed to grow bamboo. However, he needs light level 10 on the top block to grow.

Properties [edit]

Similar to sugar cane or seaweed, bamboo also grows in a straight line, although it is not limited to three blocks like sugar cane. In addition, all bamboo pieces above it will also drop if you dismantle one.

Extraction [edit]

The easiest way to mine bamboo is with a sword.

Occurrence [edit]

Bamboo is rarely generated as a single plant in the jungle. However, it is generated much more often in the bamboo jungle, so that large parts of it are covered by bamboo.

Pandas [edit]

Pandas drop 1 bamboo when killed.


Bamboo can be fished as junk in the jungle.

Buildings [edit]

Bamboo can be found in chests from dungeons, shipwrecks, and jungle temples.

Use [edit]

Pandas [edit]

To make pandas ready to mate, you can feed them with bamboo. However, there must be 8 bamboo blocks within 5 blocks of the pandas.

Flowerpot [edit]

Bamboo can be placed in a flower pot as a decoration.

Processing [edit]


Bamboo can also be used as fuel. One bamboo is enough to heat a quarter of an object. That means you need four bamboos for a whole object.

Technology [edit]

Achievements [edit]

symbolsuccessdescriptiontaskPointsCup (PS)
zoologistRaise two pandas with bamboo.40Ggold

Gallery [edit]

  • A group of pandas eat bamboo.

  • Planted bamboo grows.

  • A bamboo tube that grows through a tree.

  • Bamboo in a jungle biome variant.


  • Since bamboo also grows very quickly, you only need 500 plants in an automated operation to produce more than a funnel can collect. However, a single hopper can only move enough items to keep 6.25 ovens running.
  • Bamboo, dead bushes and poisonous potatoes are the only plants that a composter cannot process.

History [edit]

Version history of the Java Edition
Versions of the Bedrock Edition
Full version 1.8.0 (
Full version 1.9.0 (
  • Bamboo can now occur in individual parts in jungle biomes
  • Added bamboo jungle where bamboo occurs naturally