What is the difference between two girls

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So it's not true that girls are linguistically and boys are more mathematically gifted?

No. And it is certainly not biologically justified. The part that can be explained genetically when it comes to differences between the sexes is very small anyway.

What are you up to?

I am intensively involved in biology and brain research. In both fields, studies show that the variability is huge. Genetically and hormonally there are an infinite number of different mixtures. The reduction to exclusively male or female is a blatant simplification.

Does that also apply to the brain?

Yes, and how! A smaller brain that is better networked between the two hemispheres is considered typically female, a larger one as male. However, this “knowledge” only comes from average values. It's like size: on average, men are taller than women. But at the same time there are tall women and short men. This also applies to the brain: one cannot infer the brain based on gender characteristics. If you stick to these categories, there are many men with a “female” brain and vice versa.

What differences are actually biological?

The ability to reproduce: The male semen is required for the act of procreation, and the woman becomes pregnant, which is not possible for men - at least for the time being. The question is what value do we attach to this fact?

It is also a fact that girls have two X chromosomes and boys have one X and one Y chromosome.

Not even that is the case with all people. The embryo phenotype is first of all female. If a child with the XY chromosomes cannot take in the testosterone for the development of the male sexual characteristics, female sexual characteristics develop and it is assigned as a girl at birth. Medicine speaks of an XY woman here. So you don't always see a child's set of chromosomes. Such examples show that not even the apparently obvious is set in stone.

What about the hormones?

Both the “male” testosterone and the “female” estrogen exist in both bodies. Here too, average values ​​are usually assumed, there are
but there are many intermediate stages in adolescents and adults. To say that boys are “testosterone-driven” is, in my opinion, at least as strongly influenced by culture as it is by hormones.

Research shows, however, that some males play more wildly than females. Can't we speak of something innate?

I find it very problematic to infer humans from animals.

Couldn't it be that boys are naturally wilder than girls?

I don't think girls are more peaceful than boys, they have learned other strategies to deal with aggression. A girl who hits it is not accepted by society, a boy to a certain extent is.

As a parent, what can you do to break these stereotypes in your own children?

A first step would be to become aware of your own prejudices and behaviors. And to question yourself whether they apply to your own child or rather restrict it. You can also always encourage children to stand by their own abilities beyond gender stereotypes.

Should you give the two-year-old who wants a spiderman costume a little princess skirt?

Of course not. But you should let him wear the little princess skirt without much fuss, if he likes it.

In an ideal world, boys and girls are ...

... as equal opportunities as possible. I would like an awareness to develop that many suffer from the fact that all of humanity is divided into two boxes. My vision would be that children are encouraged based on their individuality, regardless of gender.

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