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Beautician training salary

What salary can I expect after training?

After training as a beautician, there is usually a step into an employment relationship in a cosmetic studio. Since the competition among the studios is currently very high, the salaries of beauticians are unfortunately in the lower range today. The minimum wage sets the lower limit, which will be set uniformly at 8.50 euros until August 2015. For a full position with a 40 hour week, you are entitled to at least 1470 euros gross. If you make sure that you are very highly qualified after your training and, for example, acquire additional qualifications, you can have a positive influence on your income. Your salary also depends on where you work. In a wellness hotel or a perfumery there is usually a little more than in a small salon.

If you want to start your own business as a beautician, your salary will depend on the size of your customer base and your skills as a business woman. On the one hand, you have to try to keep costs low and, on the other hand, to build up a customer base as quickly as possible. You shouldn't forget the expenses for rent, electricity, insurance, advertising materials and of course for your "work tools" and cosmetic products.

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