What happens after completing the 10th grade

Your possibilities with the secondary school leaving certificate

In addition to an apprenticeship, you have the following options:

Catch up on school leaving certificate

Perhaps your grades prevented you from getting the degree that you initially set in the last school year, or your current one is not enough for the education you are aiming for?

Voluntary service

Would you like to have some time before you start your professional life, would you really like to take a break abroad or just don't know yet what you would like to study?


During an internship you gain practical experience, get an insight into one or more professions and get to know everyday work in the company.

Further terms for the secondary school leaving certificate

The secondary school leaving certificate is another term for the secondary school leaving certificate. There are different variants depending on the federal state:

  • Technical college entrance qualification
  • Intermediate degree
  • Middle School graduation
  • Middle School graduation
  • Secondary qualification I
  • Qualifying secondary degree

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Secondary school leaving certificate - information for you

The secondary school includes grades 5-10. You will get your secondary school diploma after the 10th grade. At the secondary school, you will be taught practical skills and theoretical relationships. You will receive an extended general education there that will help you with career orientation. You can also pave the way for your future career by defining a focus, for example an additional foreign language or a natural science subject. In North Rhine-Westphalia you can attend the upper level of the Gymnasium with an average of satisfactory results after the 10th grade, in this case one speaks of a secondary school leaving certificate with a qualification mark (Q mark).