How do I prevent chafing while running

Rubbing thighs? These 5 tips will prevent chafing

Yes, short dresses, skirts and trousers could be so beautiful ... if it weren't for the thighs! Because if they rub against each other while running and there may still be sores, the desire for rock & co.

Instead of airy clothes, many women therefore choose long trousers - even in summer. We promise: that will change from today!

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No more sore spots: 5 ultimate tips to prevent rubbing thighs

You don't have to put up with rubbing your thighs because there are a few things you can do about it. Here are our top 5 ultimate tips for preventing chafing thighs!

1. Baby powder: Helps very well against chafing for a short time

If you put baby powder on the inside of your thighs, they will rub less hard. A positive side effect: the powder absorbs sweat. The baby powder method, however, has one disadvantage: the powder rubs off again relatively quickly and the positive effect is great.

Another negative point: the baby powder can leave unsightly marks on clothing when it is re-dusted.

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2. Anti-chafing products against friction: The insider tip from the USA

If you move around a lot and don't want to keep applying new baby powder, you should try anti-chafing products. In the USA they are already THE remedy of choice for rubbing thighs.

The anti-chafing products, also known as "Bodyglide" *, originally come from sports. There they are used to protect the stressed skin areas of runners or triathletes from becoming sore.

These products have several advantages over deodorant and baby powder: They are absorbed very quickly, are invisible, last all day and are also waterproof. So it's perfect for a day at the beach!

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3. Deodorant roller: Simple and inexpensive against rubbing thighs

The tip of many users in our gofeminin forum: Deodorant rollers against thighs rubbing against each other. The deodorant ensures that you sweat less on your thighs and that the skin does not rub as hard.

A deodorant with the following ingredients, which you can have mixed in the pharmacy, is a secret weapon:

Aluminum chloride hexahydrate 20.0
Hydroxyethyl cellulose 400, 5.0
purified water ad 100.00

But you should keep in mind: The light metal aluminum is now controversial as an ingredient in beauty products because it is classified as harmful to health. It is not without reason that there are more and more aluminum-free deodorants.

4. Vaseline: Inexpensive alternative for rubbing thighs

Good old petroleum jelly is cheaper than special anti-chafing gels. This also ensures that friction is reduced, but does not last as long on the skin.

Alternatively, you can also try a silicone-containing lubricant (here e.g. on Amazon *). This also ensures that the thighs rub less when running.

5. Bandelettes: airier and sooo much nicer than cycling shorts

The most reliable way to keep your thighs from rubbing: cloth. Many women therefore wear cycling shorts under their clothes. The problem: The shorts are not only super warm, they also look pretty unsexy.

The so-called bandelettes * are much more airy and beautiful - also an invention from the USA, by the way. They are worn around the thighs and are reminiscent of hold-ups. When they peek out from under the skirt, it looks pretty sexy. Silicone straps ensure that the bandelettes do not slip down.

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