Let's not overestimate Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking sees competition between humans and computers for world domination


His suggestion: "Targeted changes in the genetic make-up" should guarantee people superiority

Munich - The British physicist Stephen Hawking considers a change in the human genome to be necessary in order to maintain the intelligence advantage of humans over technical systems. In an interview with the news magazine "Focus", which appeared on Monday, Hawking said that with "targeted changes in the genetic make-up" the "complexity" of DNA could be increased and humans could be improved. Mankind should "take this path if we want biological systems to remain superior to electronic systems". With more and more powerful computers and software there is a risk that these "develop intelligence and take over the world," Hawking said the paper on. Hawking went down in the history of science through his theory of black holes and groundbreaking work on the origin and development of the cosmos. His book "A Brief History of Time", published in 1988, became a bestseller worldwide. Because of a rare nerve disease, Hawking is dependent on a wheelchair and can only communicate with his surroundings via computers. (APA)

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