What is a term store in SharePoint 2013

Managed metadata navigation in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 offers some new functions, in particular the revolutionary Managed Metadata Navigation, which we present to you in this blog post.

The managed metadata navigation allows us to display the SharePoint navigation (s) based on the managed metadata.
It doesn't matter at all whether you have a department-oriented or a process-oriented structure of your intranet.
This example shows an intranet that was set up process-oriented with managed metadata:

Preferences “Publishing Infrastructure” feature

Before you continue with the instructions, you must ensure that the "SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure"Feature is activated:
Site Settings-> Site Collection Features

Input "managed metadata / navigation"

If you add a new or existing term set that you define, the managed metadata navigation displays the corresponding terms.
If you have never worked with the managed metadata, this graphic can help you to understand the relationship between the groups, term sets and terms:

Procedure for creating the managed metadata navigation

If you want to work with the managed metadata navigation, you need to know the links to your individual sub-pages.

Configurations in the term store

  1. Then you can open the term store of your SharePoint environment and build your structure:
  2. This option must first be activated so that your term set, which in our case is called "Structure", can also be used as a navigation:
  3. Now you can enter the links of the individual sub-websites or libraries in the respective terms:

Configurations in the navigation settings

After you have made the settings shown above in the term store, you still have to assign the corresponding term set in the SharePoint navigation settings:

Important: You can display the top navigation (Global Navigation) and the page navigation (Current Navigation) using managed metadata. In our example we are only assigning the term set to the top navigation.

In case you still no structure and are just starting over with the construction of SharePoint, you should use the following procedure:

  1. Define the structure of the website: create term sets with corresponding terms
  2. Create all subwebs as well as libraries
  3. Store the link of the individual subwebs / libraries with the corresponding terms in the term store

If you need further information, you are welcome to watch our video about the managed metadata navigation on YouTube:

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