What is a web development team structure

We do web development.

Whether web development is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), automated billing systems, payment processing, email marketing or inventory management, we create everything.

We deliver enterprise web applications that are user-friendly and meet the strict requirements for security, administration and maintenance. They facilitate management and enable the automation of administrative tasks so that companies can concentrate on their core business.

Web portals

Our web developers develop external collaboration platforms that enable efficient teamwork with effective communication between customers, partners and providers, be it knowledge bases, enterprise web services, marketplaces or public websites.

Industry-specific web applications

Our web developers are engaged in developing different types of web applications for specific industries such as law, retail, pharmaceuticals, energy, human resources, travel, e-learning and financial services.

We offer customer-specific web applications that are tailored to your individual business requirements. Our experience in these industries enables us to offer unique solutions that solve industry-specific problems.

Online service platforms

Our experience and competence in various online services enables us to develop online service platforms that offer optimal functionality, responsive user interfaces and maximum performance. These include e.g. e-commerce applications, booking apps, payment systems, online advice platforms, applications for determining and monitoring social events or applications for stock trading