How can I find my family

Where are you now?


Where are you? How are you? What do you do? Find out from family and friends with one click. The “I arrived safely” message is a thing of the past.


Stay in touch with the most important people in your life in an uncomplicated and easy way and decide for yourself when and with whom to share your location.


Alert other group members and send them your current location if you need help.


    Permanently share your location with friends and family and always be up to date on who is where


    Be automatically informed when other group members reach or leave predefined locations such as school, the cafeteria or home

  3. CHAT

    Stay in touch with all the important people in your life via chat, even when the localization function is switched off!


    Just in case: Send a call for help including your location to your contacts

Stefanie H. (45)

“The app is very helpful in everyday life. With Familonet, I can automatically see whether my children have arrived safely at school or at Grandma's and I am reassured without constantly phoning after them. ”

Hanna M. (21)

“We all use Familonet in our shared apartment and we love it! So I always know who is at home or in the cafeteria, and who can still buy something on the go when the refrigerator is empty. ”

Thomas S. (37)

“Familonet is great! I like that you always have the choice of always showing your location, only announcing that you have reached certain locations, or switching off the localization function entirely. ”

privacy and data protection

  • You decide!

    You decide where and when others can see where you are.

  • Your data is yours!

    Familonet encrypts your data and does not pass it on to third parties for advertising purposes.

  • High-Tech Made in Germany!

    Familonet only puts a very low load on your battery. We achieve this through innovative algorithms for determining locations.

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