What's your name 48

Bach Cantata Translations

Cantata for New Year
1st choir
God, like your name, so is your glory to the end of the world.
(Psalm 48:10)
1. Chorus
God, as Your name is, so also Your praise is to the ends of the world.2. Aria T
Lord, as far as the clouds go
Go to the glory of your name.
Everything that touches the lips
Everything that still breathes
Will exalt you in power. 2. Aria T
Lord, as far as the clouds stretch,
the fame of your name extends.
Everything that moves its lips,
everything that draws breath,
shall exalt You in Your power. 3. Recitative A
You sweet Jesus name you
In you is my rest
You are my consolation on earth,
How can I
Are you afraid of the cross?
You are my strong lock and my standard
I run there
When I'm persecuted
You are my life and my light
My honor, my confidence
My assistance in danger
And my new year present. 3. Recitative A
O You sweet name of Jesus,
my peace is in you,
You are my comfort on earth,
how can, then,
there be fear for me in the cross?
You are my strong fortress and my banner,
towards which I run
when I am persecuted.
You are my life and my light,
my glory, my assurance,
my partner in danger
and my present for the New Year. 4. Aria S
Jesus should be my first word
In the new year is called.
On and on
Laughs his name in my mouth
And in my last hour
Is Jesus also my last word. 4. Aria S
Jesus shall be my first word
uttered in the new year.
Again and again
His name laughs in my mouth,
and in my last hour
So Jesus wants to be my last utterance. 5. Recitative B
And since you, Lord, said:
Only ask in my name
So everything is yes! and amen!
So we plead
You savior of all the world to you:
Furthermore do not violate us,
Guard us this year
For fire, plague and danger of war!
Leave us your word, the bright light,
Burn even more pure and louder;
Give to our authorities
And the whole country
To recognize your salvation of blessings;
Give always
Happiness and good fortune for all.
We ask, Lord, on your behalf
Say: yes! to it, say: Amen, amen! 5. Recitative B
And as You, Lord, have said:
pray only in my name,
then everything is Yes! and amen!
Thus we beseech You,
o Savior of the whole world:
reject us no longer,
protect us this year
from fire, pestilence and the danger of war!
Let your word, that bright light,
burn for us cleanly and purely;
grant that our rulers
and the entire country
might recognize the bounty of Your blessing;
grant at all times
fortune and health to every station.
We pray, Lord, in Your name,
Say: yes! to this, say: Amen, amen! 6. Chorale

Let's finish the year
To praise your name
That we sing to the same
In the Christian community.
Want to eke out our lives
By your almighty hand
Receive your dear Christian
And our fatherland!
Turn your blessings on us,
Give Fried at the end of it all
Give unadulterated in the land
Your saving word,
The devils bring to shame
Here and everywhere!
("Jesus, now be praised," verse 3)

6. Chorals

Let us complete the year
to the price of Your name,
so that we might sing the same
in the company of Christians.
If you choose to extend our lives
through Your almighty hand,
sustain your beloved Christians
and our fatherland!
Turn Your blessing upon us,
give peace to every outcome,
grant, uncorrupted, to our country,
Your blessing-bearing word,
put the devil to shame
here and in every place!

Psalm 48:10 (mov't. 1); "Jesus, now be praised," verse 3: Johannes Herman 1593 (mov't. 6)