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India sends millions of vaccine doses abroad

Mumbai. India has started selling corona vaccines made in the country abroad. The Indian Foreign Ministry announced that the first deliveries were sent to Brazil and Morocco on Friday. The two countries would initially each receive two million doses of the vaccine from the British-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, according to the Brazilian Ministry of Health and the Moroccan TV broadcaster 2M.

In the second most populous country in the world, around half of all vaccines are manufactured worldwide. Many of them go to poorer countries for relatively little money. For these countries, the products from India will also be of great importance now during the corona pandemic.

Deliveries to other countries planned

India will soon deliver more vaccines to Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Bangladesh and Myanmar, said a spokesman for the Indian Foreign Ministry. According to the news agency Agência Brasil, Brazil wants to test the AstraZeneca vaccine imported from India for quality and safety this Saturday and distribute it to the states on the same day.

In addition to selling the corona vaccine, India is also giving hundreds of thousands of doses to countries in the region free of charge - as part of its so-called vaccine diplomacy. The country also needs a lot of corona vaccine itself and recently started its vaccination campaign - the largest in the world, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Around 300 million people in this huge country are to be vaccinated by the summer. That corresponds to less than a quarter of the 1.3 billion inhabitants.

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