Which meat is the most ethical

Tax on “red meat” - demanded by the Danish Ethics Council for the fight against climate change

We tax cigarettes and alcohol. So why not also meat, which is one of the biggest causes of climate change? The industry produced more than 300 million tons of meat in 2012 alone. A Danish ethics council seems to have asked itself the same question and would now like to introduce a meat tax. He recommends Denmark initially to tax beef, which should reduce greenhouse gas emissions from food by 20% to 35%.

Meat tax can quickly become concrete in Denmark

The Danish government is now specifically considering a meat tax after preliminary votes were clearly positive for a new law that should tax meat. In view of the decisions taken in Paris, the Danish government is fully aware that climate change is an ethical problem that needs to be resolved.

Unfortunately, since the consumer cannot be induced by moral and ethical reasons to reduce his meat consumption or to reject meat consumption in its entirety, other countries are now looking for a way to master one of the biggest drivers of climate change.

The Danish Ethics Council wants to adjust the tax on all food in the long term to the climate impact at different levels. “It is necessary to act quickly!” Announced the Council of the Danish Parliament.