Eat or drink ice cream

Summer question | Eat ice cream, drink water:
Does it give you a stomach ache?

Whether you heard it from your parents as a child or are now preaching yourself: Anyone who eats ice cream and drinks water at the same time gets a stomach ache.

But is that really true? BILD has Dr. med. Asked about Michael Feld, general practitioner from Cologne. He says: “This' everyday worry 'probably comes from the time when drinking water was not yet completely clean everywhere.” Because the body was busy digesting the water and the cold ice' - which consists of water, among other things, “One feared a kind of 'overload' of the stomach and stomach.” The same was also true for the combination of fruit and water.

“Today the water in this country is harmless,” says Feld. “If so, the stomachache today stems more from too much ice than from the combination of ice and water. Too much ice can also lead to hypothermia, especially in small children. "